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General Information

2019-2020 CYA Wrestling Season

  • SEASON TIMEFRAME:  Wrestling season runs from November 2019 through February 2020. Practice sessions are held on weeknights at Chantilly High School wrestling room. There are no practices during the Thanksgiving Holiday and limited practice sessions during the Winter Holiday. Tournaments are held on weekends all throughout Northern Virginia.    
    • FUTURE CHAMPIONS (Practice Only)
      • Target Group: 5-6 Year Old, 1st Year Wrestlers
      • Format: 1 practice session a week and will not compete in tournaments
      • Practice Dates: 
      • Target Group: 7-10 Year Old, Beginner and Novice Wrestlers
      • Format: 2 practice sessions during the week and will not compete in tournaments
      • Practice Dates: November 7th, 2019- February 20th, 2020
    • PURPLE TEAM: TOURNAMENT COMPETITION OPTION (Practice & Individual Tournaments)
      • Target Group: 7-14 Year Old, Beginner, Novice, and Intermediate Wrestlers
      • Format: Wrestlers will attend 2 practice sessions during the week AND attend 1 tournament on the weekend.
      • Competition Schedule: 11 Individual Tournaments 
      • November 7th, 2019- March 5th, 2020
    • GOLD TEAM: ADVANCED TEAM OPTION (Practice, Individual Tournaments, and Dual Team Tournaments): 
      • Target Group: Advanced Wrestlers
      • Format: Wrestlers will attend 3-4 practice sessions during the week AND attend 1-2 individual tournaments and/or dual team tournaments on the weekends.    
      • Competition Schedule: 12 Individual Tournaments and 2 Dual Team Tournaments 
      • November 7th, 2019- March 5th, 2020


    • Future Champions
      • $120 per wrestler
    • Grey Team: Non-Competition Option
      • $160 1st Wrestler
      • $135 Each additional wrestler from the same family
    • Purple Team: Local Tournament Competition Option
      • $200 1st Wrestler
      • $185 Each additional wrestler from the same family 
    • Gold Team: Advanced Team Option
      • $245 1st Wrestler
      • $220 Each additional wrestler from the same family

 Note: To receive the sibling discount, all wrestlers from the same family must be registered at the same time from the same family account. 

    • Location: All practices will be held in the Chantilly High School Wrestling Room.  This is most easily accessible from Entrance #10 at Chantilly HS.  
    • Practice Days and Times:
      • TBD
    • Practice Attire:  All wrestlers must wear a t-shirt, shorts, wrestling shoes, and headgear during all practice sessions. 
    • Wrestling Shoes: All wrestlers must wear wrestling shoes during practice and at tournaments. If a wrestler does not have shoes, they may practice in socks. Please order shoes as soon as possible as youth wrestling shoes can be difficult to purchase. 
    • Headgear: All wrestlers must wear headgear at tournaments.  It is strongly suggested to wear during practice     
  • TOURNAMENTS:  There are several different competition options for CYA wrestlers.  The different registration options include different tournaments:
    • Winter Wrestling Series (WWS): Tournaments held at Top of the Podium in Sterling for all beginner, novice, and intermediate wrestlers.
    • Mason Dixon League (M-D): Weekly tournaments held at high schools throughout Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia for beginner, novice, intermediate and advanced wrestlers.  
    • Dual Team Tournament:  Dual team tournaments are team vs team events where one wrestler represents the team at each weight class.  We will attend dual team tournaments in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.   
    • Open Tournaments:  Individual wrestlers sign-up and pay for tournaments.  CYA wrestling will attend certain open tournaments together as a team.  
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  Please see out the FAQ section for additional information.  For any other questions, please email