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A “uniform” consists of a top ($30), a skirt ($30).   The Uniform Deposit fee for 2017 is $60.00.

The Uniform Deposit fee will be fully refunded when the uniform is returned as stated in the Cheer Uniform Agreement Form which will be signed prior to issuing a uniform. 

CYA provides the uniform (to be distributed the first week in September):

- Skirt

- Top

- Pom Poms

CYA will also provide the following uniform accessories which is Included in the registration fee (not to be returned):

- Long sleeve crop top or body suit

- Briefs

- Sweatshirt or T-shirt

- Hair bow

Required additional uniform items to be provided by each individual Cheerleader (required by the second weekend in September):

- Clean, white, flat bottom, cheer type shoes

- White socks

- Black leggings to be worn under cheer skirts on colder game-days.