CYA Wresting- Program Vision

VISION FOR CYA WRESTLING: CYA Wrestling feeds wrestlers to the Chantilly High School Wrestling program that are ready for varsity level competition.

     CYA Wrestling Program

a.      A comprehensive program that meets the needs of individual wrestler’s skill progression from beginner to advanced, that insists on high standard of personal performance and behavior that is founded on 4 principles:

i.      Work Hard
ii.     Believe in self
iii.    Set Goals
iv.     Wrestle to win

b.      Age and skill appropriate coaching

i.      We are forced into a situation, due to program growth, we it is mandatory that we have practices geared toward age and skill appropriate coaching

ii.     We have wrestlers who’s skill develops to such a point that we can field a competitive Beltway Wrestling League team

iii.    Wrestlers progress from NVWF competition to the CYA Beltway team when their skills develop to be competitive at that level (goal:  3years)

c.      Coaching

i.      Coaches gain/maintain coaching proficiency by attending camps/clinics with the sons
ii.     CYA is involved with promoting/facilitating a wrestling camp in conjunction with the CHS Varsity coach

d.      Parental/family involvement in all program aspects.

i.      Volunteer support for program administration

ii.     Tournament Support

iii.    Coaching:  we need to develop and train a pool of coaches, replace ones whose children move through the program

e.      Growth & Sustainment

i.      We continue to grow at a rate of 30 kids per year

1.      We focus our recruiting on CYA through a sign/poster campaign at football practice fields and major intersections in the Chantilly area.

2.      At least 75% of our wrestlers participate in CYA football.  Football helps wrestling, wrestling helps football.

3.      We get big enough that we ’force’ CYA buy us a mats and arrange an alternate practice facility

ii.     We maintain at least 50% of our kids from year to year

iii.     At least 50% of our wrestlers attend wrestling camp each summer

iv.     We give ’scholarships’ to kids who cannot participate without financial assistance.

v.      Our growth and sustainment is coordinated with CYA and CHS for increase facilities and support requirements

CYA Program to HS

a.      Our coaching plans and skills we will teach are ’nested’ within the CHS Varsity Coach’s plan for wrestler development (we want to be in synch with the way he’s going to coach the boys in HS)

b.      CYA Wrestlers are ready for varsity level competition as freshmen/sophomores

c.      In state competition, CHS becomes a perennial top ten contender in its class

d.      The Varsity team sends a minimum of 4 wrestlers to the state tournament every year

e.      20% CYA wrestlers, after successful wrestling careers in HS competition, advance to wrestle at the collegiate level (NCAA Div 1, 2, or 3, NAIA)


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