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To All Patrons of the CYA / Word of Grace Facility:

Unfortunately, the owner of the neigboring buildings has posted NO PARKING signs at the entrances to its parking lots.  Additionally, they have hired a towing company that WILL TOW YOUR CAR AT YOUR EXPENSE!!!  The towing company shows no mercy - why should they at $150 per vehicle towed.  This includes evenings, weekends, and holidays.  Do not assume that just becasue it is outside of normal parking hours that it is safe to park where any sign says NO PARKING.

For our first six years of operation, the previous owner and leasing company of the surrounding buildings understood that we were serving a community need.  Starting in July 2010, the new owner and leasing company told us that they didn’t care about our patrons’ parking needs and that towing would be enforced.

CYA strongly urges our patrons to comply with all posted NO PARKING signs.

Patrons may park in the Word of Grace parking lot, on the street on Redskin Drive, or in the "Touchdown Deli" parking lot without fear of being towed.

The parking situation - especially on weekends - is sometimes exasperated by the fact that many industrial vehicles are parked along Redskin Drive, significantly reducing the parking spaces available.  We understand that this may at times mean parking further away than we have become accustomed to.  Until a solution can be found, we ask for your cooperation. 

Please park legally and don’t let the towing company take $150 from you - even if it means parking in the Touchdown Deli parking lot or all the way back on Towerview Road.