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CYA Track Scholarship announced!


The CYA track program is unlike other CYA sports, in that the team consists of runners of various ages and abilities.  Participants will be introduced to a variety of events, including short and long distances, field events, relays and hurdles.

Most of the track meets will be "intra-club" where CYA athletes run selected events against their teammates of similar ages. A few track meets will be scheduled with other area youth track programs.


The Spring Program (March through May) is just once a week, scheduled on Sunday afternoons (practices are an hour but meets take a little longer). Four or five of these Sundays will be track meets and the remaining Sundays will be training / practice sessions.  Almost all events (practices and meets) are held at the track at Chantilly High School .



Registration information is available online at, or email Ed Lull, CYA Track Director at