Goodbye Fall 2022, See you in the Spring!

We hope you had an excellent Fall 2022.  I will miss all sorts of things from this season.  We had a lot of fun on those Friday night hitting nights.  I know I had a lot of fun on practice nights (despite how difficult it was to get practices on the nights we wanted). 

We can be very optimistic about our program.  I think about the girls at the higher age groups who volunteered to help their peers at the lower age groups.  That's fantastic stuff.   I want to thank in particular all the adult volunteers who came out and supported the program.   If you coached, helped out as an assistant, if you helped organize the girls in the dugout or got them motivated with post-game snacks, thank you! 

We will have some openings for roles, so If you wish to volunteer, reach out to your age coordinator or to me.

[November 12:  Parents and coaches volunteering to get Rachel Carson field ready (after a tropical storm the night before) for a day of games. ]



Incredibly Successful Picture day and Spiritwear sale!

Hoodies were happening!

Incredibly Successful Picture day and Spiritwear sale!

We had a great day today for photos and the spirit wear sale was incredible. 

I told everyone who was not able to get a hoodie that I'd provide a link for our store.

Here are couple examples of the hoodies we have for sale.   There are more.  We will add different logos and variations.  

Youth Black with round logoYouth Purple with Banner logo