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Message From the Chairman

Make-Up Update

Its almost time for the Commodore to come out and see how we are doing.  But, until he can make it, youre stuck with me.  I wanted to drop you a line to fill you in on our plans to get everything back on track. 


Senior and Travel Picture Day


We are working with Memory Makers to re-schedule the event.  As you know the County closed all Schools and School Fields along with the Parks last weekend.  You will be notified when we have a new date set.


Make-up Games - Does this sound familiar? 


The Junior Division was originally scheduled to have a Bye-Week for Rosh Hashanah.  But, do to the weather cancellations, we will be playing.  I hope everyone can understand our reasoning on this issue.  Please dont worry if you cannot make it on Saturday (its only one game and it will probably rain anyway). 


We were also scheduled to be off the weekend of Columbus Day, but will probably be playing.  This will apply to the Bantam and Junior Divisions and not SFL or Travel.  We are trying to firm this up, so mark your calendars.  I know a lot of people have plans to go out of town over the long weekend (myself included) and you SHOULDNT change your plans.  This is only a one game and getting out of town is more important.  Besides, as you know, it will probably rain anyway.


We are also considering Sunday make-ups.  We realize this is not the best option to get the games played, but we need to consider everything.  If you cant make a game, dont worry about it because it will probably rain anyway.


Weekday make-ups for the Junior and Senior Divisions are likely, but with the time changing soon it will be hard to get many games scheduled with enough light to play.  But, on the brighter side, if we do schedule the games, it will probably rain anyway.


Thats about it for now, but I have one final request.  At exactly 9 PM tonight, I would like everyone to get the family together and start chanting Rain, Rain Go Away Come Back Later, So We Can Play. 


Dont forget to check practice and game status on or 703-830-1272.  We try to get both information outlets updated by 4:30 everyday.


Rick It will Probably Rain Anyway Kopel

Chairman, CYA Soccer