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U8 Boys - Black Cobras vs. Gold Strikers

October 11, 2003

This week, the Gold Strikers and Black Cobras flashed across the field like lightning streaking across the black sky. Most of the first fifteen minutes were played on the Cobra's half of the field thanks partly to energy that never seems to end for Christian and a strong defense on the Gold side. Every time the ball neared the halfway line, Eric and Skyler pushed the ball back to Cobra territory.

Brandon and Andris rotated in to join Alex on the attack for the remainder of the the first half. The Strikers worked the corners, crossing the ball to the center for shots at the goal, but the ball didn't seem to want to go into the net. The half finished, 0-0.

Switching directions, the ball was all over the field on the second half. The Cobra's came out determined not to play the rest of the match on their half. However, soon Addison helped move the ball deep into the Cobra defense where Eric smacked the ball clean into the Cobra net. Nick M. helped keep the ball away from the Gold net, but the Cobra's continued to strike back.

Nick K. and Adam rotated in for a repeat of the first half, where with Addison the attack on the Cobra net continued strong.  Several good opportunities were made by the Gold attack without further goals before the Cobras managed to move the ball back to the Gold side and make the final point for the match. Both sides played strong and did very well, ending the match tied 1-1.

Great match Strikers and Cobras!

Story submitted by Coach Ron.

Junior Division Soccer (U8-U10)

CYA’s junior recreational division is structured for children in 2nd thru 4th grades (U8-U10).  We were the first in the area to begin small-sided play, as recommened by United States Youth Soccer (USYS) and the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA).   The merits of small-sided play in the development of young players has become nearly universally accepted, and promoted, worldwide. The additional number of "touches" by each player afforded by the small-sided format cannot be denied. This page is the jumping off point for our Junior Divsion.  Please click on the appropriate link (Age/Gender) on the left hand side of the screen for more information. 

BU8 Strikers Start Off Strong

September 6, 2003

What a start!  The Gold Strikers ushered in a great performance for the opening match of the season Saturday, September 6th.  Eager to be on the field after missing both beginning practices that week due to rain, the Strikers quickly shot to their positions and began to streak across the field.

The first quarter flashed with green and gold while the Strikers battled
the Green team (who had not yet identified a name).  But quickly, Skyler and Andris pushed the ball forward and into the center where Addison cut right through a pack of green jerseys to make the first goal.  Nick K. had some great saves keeping the ball out of the Striker's net before the ball made its way into the skillful turns and feigns of Addison yet again, right up the middle.  Goal!  That made two.

After the half, Christian was seen all over the field without any loss of
speed or power.  Adam, driving up the right side positioned the play right into Christian's energy.  POW!!  Another powerful shot was fired right through the goal posts.  Only moments later, Alex took an easy aim through a hole in the defense sliding number four into the Green goal.  In the last 10 minutes, after a good shot by Green rolled into the Striker's goal, Brandon and Nick M. determined to keep the ball over on the Green side of the field, which gave Eric plenty of time to move right through the Green defense.  A quick pass to Christian and then WHAM!  Number five.  Before the time is out, Eric and Christian teamed up again to put number six past the keeper, ending the match 6-1.

Great game Strikers!!
Story submitted by:  Coach Ron da Silva

Volunteer Coaches

Volunteer Coaches - We always need additional volunteer coaches and strongly encourage you to give it a try!  The time you spend teaching young children is fulfilling and a great way to get to know your child and their friends in a different way!  The Age Group Coordinators will also do their best to help coaches manage their time on the field so that they can meet their work and family obligations.

If you are willing to help, please send a note to the appropriate Age Group Coordinator.


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