CYA Spring Soccer is Coming Soon!!

Update March 24th, 2007

Hey Folks,

The Spring season is right around the corner and we wanted to fill you all in on a few things.

1)  The House League Season begins on Saturday, April 14th.  Practices are due to start the week of April 2nd (we realize this is spring break).  You should get a call or email from your coach by the end of March.

2)  If you see kids practicing now, don’t panic!  Our travel teams started practicing already and that is likely who you are seeing on the fields.  We didn’t forget your child!  If you want to check on your child’s registration status, simply go to your "household" in the CYA Database and you can view the team assignment.  To get to your household, simply proceed through the registration site  - from the home page, click on "click here to register for CYA sports".

3)  The CYA Academy.  Please view the information on the CYA Academy sessions (located on the left hand side of this screen)  that are coming this spring.  We are very proud of the Academy and want you all to join us every Sunday for professional skills training provided by Soccer Performance International (SPI)!

4)  If you have ANY questions concerning your childs placement, PLEASE contact the appropriate age group coordinator.  You can find this information on this screen under "contacts".  PLEASE don’t send a note to the CYA Registrar as she is only working on registration issues.

5)  Thank you all for your patience as we get this season underway.  With nearly 3,000 kids in the program, the job of organizing the season is enormous yet our volunteers are willing to work extremely hard to make things happen.  All of the CYA Volunteers deserve our appreciation and gratitude!

Finally, keep an eye on this website for additional information.  As the season progresses, things come up that we need to communicate with everyone and this site is the most efficient way possible.  As always, please spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the content as we have tried to be very thorough in keeping the site updated.

Thanks and have a great season!

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