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Play Rugby!!! Every player is a Running Back!!!!

 Are you looking for:

  • A fast paced game?
  • A continuous game with few stoppages?
  • A game with frequent changes of possession?
  • A game in which everyone can run, pass, catch, and kick the ball?
  • A game in which everyone can score?
  • Physical contact?

If you answered "yes" to most of the above, Rugby just might be the game for you!

Rugby has the speed of basketball, the contact of football, and the strategy of chess.

Anyone can play the ball. You may run with it, pass it, kick it, or tackle an opponent who has it. The ball cannot be passed forward, - rather, the ball moves backwards and laterally from player to player, or it may be kicked forward creating a race to be the first to the ball. Only the player with the ball can be tackled. Once tackled, the ball carrier must release the ball making it available to any player on either team.

Interested? CYA is having a Rugby Program this summer. It is 9 weeks of practices (twice a week) and games (on Saturdays) against local teams in Northern Virginia. The program begins at the beginning of June as the Spring sport season ends and finishes in the beginning of August just before the Football season. If you are a Football player, Rugby is an excellent opportunity to put you in top shape condition for the Football season; you might also learn and practice some skills that will make you a better player (tackling, ball handling, evasive running,…)

The program is offered to boys and girls 7-18 years of age. Boys and girls 7-10 play "Touch" Rugby . Boys and girls 11-18 play "Touch" and "Tackle". "Touch" Rugby is a version of the game where tackle is replaced by a two-hand touch between the waist and the knee. Less physical, this version of the game is a very good introduction to Rugby for young players and beginners.

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