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Registration Info

How do we register?
    Registration is online at CYA (See link in CYA Home page).  Other arrangements can be made by calling the club’s rugby commissioner.

When can we register?
    Rugby is a Summer sport and registration occurs during CYA Spring registration and the beginning of Fall registration. In other words, registration opens around the the beginning of January.

When does registration close?
    Registration runs through mid-July.  We don’t want to discourage anyone from joining the club. 

What is the registration fee?
    The Registration fee is $115.50 for 2012. It includes the new Rectangular Field fee of $10 set up by CYA to finance new fields project.

What does the registration fee pay for?
    The registration fee covers administrative costs and program costs. Administrative costs include an admin fee to CYA (which funds central operations such as cost of web site, registration system, field costs, etc.), the Rectangular Field Fee of $10, admin fees to the county (eg, Fairfax County charges $5.50 per player use fee), and player registration fees to USA Rugby which provide liability insurance and help fund efforts to build youth rugby around the country).  Program costs include practice and game equipment (balls, tackle bags, kicking tees, etc), jerseys (individual and team set), other equipment (tents, coolers, water barrels, med kits, etc), and social outings (eg, ice cream after practice).