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Conflicts with Other Sports and Activities

These questions all have the same answer:

What if my player has a spring sport which doesn’t end until after rugby begins?

What if my player has a fall sport that starts before rugby ends?

What if my player’s family has a summer vacation planned sometime during the rugby season, especially once games start?

What if my player wants to attend a sports camp for another sport in the middle of the rugby season?

    No problem.  We fully understand that the beginning of the rugby season overlaps with the end of the spring season, and that the end of the rugby season overlaps (slightly) with the start of the fall season (mainly football).  If your player must finish out the spring season, that’s fine.  If your player needs to go on a family vacation or attend a summer sports or other camp, that’s fine.  If your player must begin fall sports practice before the rugby season is over, that’s fine, too.  We know there are a lot of demands on your time and the kids’ time, and we don’t expect to get all of it.  If you have to miss practice, don’t worry about it; we’ll see you next time.  Our aim is to make this as fun as possible and you won’t want to miss any more than you absolutely have to.