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CYA In the Community!

There are approximately 13,000 annual participants across all CYA Sports and we recognize that in addition to a wonderful youth sports program, CYA is a vital member of the community.  The "Community" spans much of Western Fairfax County where many of our members participate in events such as charitable fundraising, church events and even sponsoring holiday food drives.  This portion of the new website is devoted to these events and functions. 

CYA funnels kids to three primary high schools - Chantilly, Westfield and Oakton.  We have created a page for each of these schools to provide all of our members information as to specific happenings within that school.  CYA is asking that the Booster Clubs from each school identify someone to update this portion of the site and keep information about the High School current. 

As community based events come up, we will do our best to provide some space for them in this section so check back frequently!