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Northern Fairfax County Senior Babe Ruth Boundary Details


Beginning at the intersection of Route 7 and the Loudoun County border, east on the southern side of Route 7 to Difficult Run, then south-southeast to Colvin Run, west on Colvin Run to Hunter Mill Road (including Carpers Farm subdivision), south on Hunter Mill Road to the intersection with W & OD Regional Park (not including Huntrace Way, Cornflower Court, Clovermeadow Drive, Silk Oak Drive, and Coldcreek Court), southeast on W & OD Regional Park to Hunter Mill Road, south on Hunter Mill Road to Difficult Run Creek, along Difficult Run Creek to Little Difficult Run at a point south of Birdfoot Lane, then parallel to Stuart Mill Road along Little Difficult Run (not including Yonder Hill Drive, Oakmont Court, and Deville Estate Drive) to Fox Mill Road north of Shady Mill Lane, then south on Fox Mill Road (becomes Oakton Road) to Jermantown Road, down Jermantown Road to Route 66, on the north side of Route 66 to Route 50, along the north side of Route 50 to West Ox Road, south on the west side of West Ox Road to I-66, west along the north side of I-66 to Sully Road (Route 28), north on the east side of Sully Road to its intersection with the East-West line marked 44-1 on the Fairfax County Tax Map, west on the north side of this line to its intersection with the Loudoun County border at grids 33-3 and 43-1, then northeast along the border between Fairfax and Loudoun Counties to Route 7, the starting point.