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5&6 Grade Rulwes for both House and Select

CYA VOLLEYBALL RULES 2014 5 & 6 GRADES Each match consists is played to time. Play as many sets as you can (may play 3 sets– you may have time for 4 – play to time not to win). Each set is to 15 points. Side out scoring is used - NOT Rally point. Tie breakers are to 11 – win by 2. Each team places their players in a rotation, six players on the court. Each side out at least one player rotates on and one rotates off. If a team decides, they can rotate from each side, one player from each side. All players must play during each set. Each time a player rotates to the server spot they have three attempts to put the ball in play. Once they have succeeded any later serve must be successful or side out. At the midpoint of the season coaches may decide to limit the attempts to a second chance serve on the first serve. This lessens the pressure on the server and speeds up the play of the sets. Players may toss and let the ball drop once per serve. The ball is not allowed to touch any part of the player’s body or it is a dead ball and the serve is given to the opposing team. We do not play net serves. Serving players may be moved closer to the net for the purpose of allowing them to be successful. If in the opinion of the referee the server is too strong and has a big advantage, they can move the server back. The goal is to have all of your players behind the service line (or only one step over) by the end of the season. Teams short of players can play with as few as four. Referees for the 5/6th house division do not call incidental net contact. We allow minimal lifting and carrying. However, for every age group referees must call flagrant rule violations: lifts, carries, double hits, etc... While CYA is a learning league, proper volleyball needs to be taught by the coaches and enforced by the refs. The ball hitting any structure above the court on the playing team’s side can be played if the team has additional contacts left. If the ball contacts any structure above the opponent’s court, it is considered dead. If the ball goes over the divider, the ball is out - even it appears not to have touched anything on the ceiling. If the ball hits the speakers at Franklin during play, it is a replay (no exceptions). Basketball goals are out of play if a ball hits them on the way out of bounds. You must determine whether based on the trajectory of the ball if the ball would have hit the wall had the backboard not interfered. The ball is dead if it hits the backboard on the way to the wall and it is the ref's judgment whether the ball was playable (player waiting near spot where ball would have landed) or not playable (ball was heading toward the wall or the far back area). Note: If the ball hits the basketball goals in an upward direction and would have only gone to the ceiling, then offer a replay of the point if a player on that side is in position to play the ball. Playable means replay and unplayable means point awarded. Do not continue play just because the ball happened to rebound back into the playing area. No server can win more then 5 points in any one-service rotation. After 5 points the serve is given to the other side. Teams must rotate upon receiving serve after the first service series is complete. No team shall allow overhand serves in the front half of the court. 5/6th Select Division Update: 5/6th Select Division will use rally scoring. Sets will be to 25. There is one retry per server during the regular season (no retry allowed during the tournament). No server may serve for more than 5 points in one service rotation. Net serves are allowed. Overhand servers may serve up to 2 feet inside the court (service line) during the regular season. They will serve behind the service line at the tournament. All underhand servers will serve behind the base line for the regular season and tournament. Straight rotation or substitution is allowed. Coaches may not use a combination of these during a single set: Follow USAV guidelines. Tournament: All servers must serve behind the 5/6th service line for the end of season tournament. All players will be allowed and encouraged to participate in all matches within the tournament (as with the regular season). There is no restriction placed on any player to attend all matches or all days. They are to play when they are available on all days for which they can attend the tournament. All players in the house division are to play in each set using straight rotation. The first match of the tournament starts at a certain time. Each subsequent match will start ASAP. As soon as the whistle blows to end the match and hands are shaken, teams should prepare for the next match. In a three team pool the referee will call for captains right away, and there will be only a couple of minutes to warm up serve before the match will start. In a four team pool (teams on both courts) the next match will start as soon as the match ends on both courts (no warm up). Sportsmanship – Cheers: Teams may cheer their side outs, aces, etc... once the whistle blows the play complete/finished. No cheers are allowed during service once the whistle has blown for serve (up to 10 seconds of quiet time - nice). As long as teams keep their cheers positive and no one makes loud noises once the whistle for serve is blown, all is fine. You will have to help monitor the girls (and boys) to be sure they stay within the guidelines of good sportsmanship. Parents and coaches: Parents may not speak to the players on the court. It is not good even if they are the parents of the children. Only the coaches should be directing play. Parents may not speak to any coach in a negative or hostile manner. Any negative behavior by parents cannot be tolerated: One warning should be enough, if it is not, the parent must leave the gym. During the tournament everyone is a little anxious so there is a need for calm. I need each of you to set a high standard of kindness and calm and good sportsmanship through your coaching and guidance within your teams (including parents/fans) from the start. CYA volleyball teaches its players good sportsmanship. Communication: Please communicate with the coaches and refs prior to the start of a match. During the match all communication must come from the captains to the referees. This is the standard for all levels of volleyball competition. Note: We have player refs. They are pretty good but human. They make mistakes, not intentionally. Some call it tight and some loose, like adults. Judgment calls can be discussed with them but not argued. Arvo Hall will suspend any coach who abuses the refs. Please explain this to your parents and encourage them to remain positive throughout the matches. Thank you for volunteering to coach CYA volleyball. For additional USAV rules please visit