2018 CYA Tennis Registration Information
Spring, Summer and Fall 2018
CYA Tennis Registration Information 2018
For the 22nd year, Chantilly International Tennis brings you the CYA tennis program!
In 2017, over 300 children participated in the CYA tennis program!!
 You can register online for ALL of our CYA Tennis programs beginning in January 2018!
The 2018 CYA Tennis Schedule is now available!  Scroll down for all the details.
Questions?  Email:  Racks@aol.com
To register click on the link below:
Program is professionally run by Chantilly International Tennis,
 headed by Doug Kegerreis.
Doug has been teaching tennis for over 35 years, and was  tennis coach for the Chantilly High School tennis teams for 12 years.
More information about Doug and Chantilly International Tennis can be found at www.cittennis.com.
Program held at Chantilly High School tennis courts.
HOUSE LEAGUES:  Three 6-week sessions (choose one)
Cost:  $137/6 week session
House League
Session 1:  May 21 - July 2 (July 3rd-11th, Raindates)
Session 2:  July 12-August 22 (Aug. 23-29th, Raindates)
Session 3:  September 4-October 17 (Oct. 18-24, Raindates)
Program meets twice a week for one hour for six weeks between the hours of 5-7 pm.  Practice times will be separated by age and skill level and are listed below.  Practices will meet either on Monday and Wednesday, or on Tuesday and Thursday.  First meeting of the week is a skill development session, second meeting each week is supervised play.  Game and rules are modified to meet age and skill level.  Modified tennis play will be based on the USTA national quickstart tennis program. 
House league age range is age 5-16.
House league practice days and times:
***(These are just projected practice times based on past sessions.  These times are subject to change based on the ages of registered players for each session.)***



Ages 9-10:  Mondays and Wednesdays 5:00-6:00 pm

Ages 5-8:  Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 pm

Ages 13-16:  Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00-6:00 pm
Ages 11-12:  Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-7:00 pm
House league tennis practice makeup policy:  Two makeup practice dates will be added on at the end of each session in case of cancellation.  Should there be more than two cancellations , they will not be made up and no refunds will be given.
The CYA house tennis league is designed for children with no or very limited tennis experience. 
Travel Tennis
Summer:  June 9-August 4    (Cost:  $197)
Fall:  September 8-October 20  (Cost:  $137)
(no tennis, Sat. October 6th;  rain makeups Oct. 27, Nov. 3)
 Travel Tennis Tryout Dates:  7-7:30 pm on the following Wednesdays
at Chantilly High School:
March 28, April 11, April 25
(Anyone new to the program must attend ONE tryout session.)
1.  Must be able to maintain a baseline to baseline rally using solid fundamental technique.  This includes consistently getting sideways and using good body rotation.   Hitting forehands consistently in the strike zone, which is between waist and shoulder level.
2.  Must be able to consistently get a serve consistently in the correct box serving from the baseline.
3.  Must be comfortable playing real tennis, and able to keep score and stand in the proper positions without consistent prompting.
4.  Travel Tennis requires a higher level of expectations in terms of focus and effort during practices.  If your child is not willing to give maximum effort during travel team practices, it is suggested they participate in the house league program.
Tryout Policy:  Anyone new to the CYA travel tennis program will be asked to participate in a tryout session.  Several tryout sessions will be offered, you will only need to attend one.  Should the participant not be selected for the travel program, his/her registration will automatically be transferred to the house league program.  Should you not want to participate in the house league program if not selected for travel, you should not register for the program prior to the tryout.

Summer travel league will practice on Saturday afternoons until public school lets out.   Once school is out, practices will be twice a week for one hour during the week.  Under 12's will practice on Monday and Wednesday. 12 and overs on Tuesday and Thursday 4-5 pm.  The Summer travel program will play at least 5 competitive matches throughout the season.   Matches are played on weekends from mid-June thru July. 
Fall travel tennis will practice on Saturday afternoons only from 2-4 pm.  The second hour of the Fall practices will consist of supervised match play.  The program will also offer participants an opportunity to compete in one or more USTA tournaments in the area during the course of the program (optional, tournament entry fees in addition to the program fee)

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