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Information for new families

CYA Softball House Program

We have put together a quick program summary for new families. 

  • Registration opens first few days of January
  • Teams are formed towards the end of March
  • Practices start last week of March, first week of April depending on your coach and holiday
  • Games start the second or third week of April and continue until last week of May or first week of June at the latest.  Season start varies slightly year to year depending upon Spring break
  • All a player truly needs to play is a softball mitt and softball pants – we provide everything else.  Never play softball in shorts unless they have sliding pads and long socks.  Pants are preferable.  Ask your league coordinator for recommendations on glove/bat sizes.  Most girls who play more than a year buy their own bat bag, bat, batting gloves and helmet


  • Teams will have two events per week – either one week night and one Saturday practices or one week night practice and a game on Saturday
  • Tee Ball, 8U and 10U play primarily at Elementary Schools such as Greenbriar East, Greenbriar West and Brookfield
  • 12U plays primarily at Dave Denne Field on Franklin Farm Road
  • 14U/18U and Travel teams can play at Rachel Carson MS, Greenbriar Park #2 and #3, Poplar Tree Park, Chantilly HS, and Westfields HS
  • Assessments – 10U and 12U may hold assessments in mid-March.  Specific requests for car pooling may be considered at the discretion of the age level coordinator
  • Tee ball, 8U and 14U/18U teams will be organized by the age level coordinators
  • All ages may play interleague against other local clubs.  Travel time will be kept to a reasonable time, normally no more than 15 minutes away.  10U and above are more likely to play against other Fairfax teams
  • All Stars – 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U have the opportunity to play in a county wide tournament.  They get to play All Star teams from SYA, BRYC, Fort Hunt, NVGSA, SYC, and VGSL.  It is normally on Father’s Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  Players are recommended by their coaches and the coordinator picks the teams.  Not all ages participate every year.  8U is new to it, 10U and 12U always do it, 14U/18U may or may not participate