Junior Division Coaches Corner
Helpful Websites for Coaches and Parents

Feints and Touches - This link provides demonstrations of the different feints and touches kids can learn to help them better handle the ball. 


This sends you to US Soccer.  Called "The Curriculum," this document is a great tool for putting together an age specific season training plan.  It is a big document but using the index will make it manageable.


Coaching Philosophy - This link provides a nice overview of how to coach a youth soccer team.


Coaching Education Manuals - These manuals are great but taking the courses is even better.  With pre-apporval, CYA will generally reimburse our coaches for the course fee for each of these courses.  Go to http://www.vysa.com/CoachingEd/index_E.html for course times and dates.  We encourage all our coaches to get at least their E Certificate.

This link takes you to the Dutch Touch Resource Page.  It is filled with links, powerpoints, and pdf files that can help the youth soccer coach have a successful year.


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