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Welcome to the Registration Process for Chantilly Youth Association, Inc.
If you haven't established a "Household" in our registration system yet, you need to do that in order to do the following:  Register for a CYA Sport, Volunteer, or to Make a Donation.  You will be walked through that process when you click on a link below.   If you have already established your "household", simply sign in!

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You can find answers to all of your Sport Specific Questions by clicking the sport pages.  CYA offers 12 different sports for kids throughout the year.  If you are having trouble finding answers to your questions, please contact the appropriate Sport Coordinator from the listing under "CYA Contacts".

Refer any additional registration questions to the CYA Registrar at



CYA Buzz 2017 Spring Sports Registration Issue!
Annual "Spring Sports Registration" Issue!
Wednesday, January 4th, 2017
The CYA Buzz is a weekly e-Newsletter intended to keep our members up to date on all CYA Sports and exciting community events.  
CYA Offers 12 Different Youth Sports!  
Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Tackle and Flag Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track, Volleyball and Wrestling.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Now that the Holiday season has passed, it's time to get moving on our Spring Season!  This issue of the CYA Weekly Buzz introduces everyone to all of our Spring Sport offerings.  We encourage you to contact the sport coordinator directly if you have specific questions about that sport.  
 A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of our Sport Coordinators and their teams of over-achieving volunteers.  These folks invest a significant amount of time into our community and without them, none of this would be possible.  Thank You! 
CYA Little League Baseball

Volunteer Sport Coordinator:  Rob Fitzhugh
Little League Baseball is for boys and girls ages 4 - 12 and includes a Challenger Baseball Program for kids with physical or mental challenges.  Learn all about CYA's Little League Baseball Program on the Chantilly Little League Website, the Little League Facebook Page or by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions.  Spring team sponsorships are available NOW!  It's a great, cost effective way to market your business AND support CYA Baseball.  Click Here for Sponsorship Information.
Babe Ruth Baseball
CYA Babe Ruth Baseball
Volunteer Sport Coordinator:  Dave Gould
CYA Babe Ruth Baseball is for kids ages 13-18 and participates in the Northern Fairfax County Babe Ruth Program -  This should be another exciting season as our league will compete against other area programs and our all-star team will look to win another Virginia State Championship!  Join your friends for a fun and competitive baseball experience!   
CYA Basketball
Volunteer Sport Coordinator:  Rick Shryock
The CYA Spring Basketball Program is for all boys and girls in grades 3-12 regardless of skill level. We also sponsor a spring AAU Travel progarm for boys and girls in grades 4-11. Find all of the Spring Basketball Details by Clicking Here!  CYA Basketball also hosts a Scheduling Website at that contains additional information about tryout/assessment schedules.  
CYA Football
CYA Flag Football

Volunteer Coordinator:  Matt Davey
CYA's Flag Football program started in 2013 and has now grown to over 200 players! No doubt, 2016 will be our biggest year ever. Flag Football is for boys and girls ages 5 - 16 and is a joint effort with SYA Football. We are extremely pleased with the progression of our program and look forward to another great year.  CLICK HERE for additional details.
CYA Lacrosse

Volunteer Sport Coordinator:  Chris Saben
CYA Lacrosse is a volunteer run organization whose goal is to provide a positive and fun lacrosse experience for both boys (5-18)  and girls (6-15).  We strive to develop and maintain a program where every participant, regardless of initial skill level, has the opportunity to learn the game, develop and  improve skills, and be prepared for the next level of lacrosse.  You can learn all about CYA Lacrosse on and don't forget to follow us on Facebook!
CYA Soccer

Volunteer Sport Coordinator:  Mark Smith
CYA Soccer is one of the largest and most accomplished soccer programs in Northern Virginia! Our program accommodates boys and girls of any skill level spanning ages 4 - 19.  Learn all about CYA Soccer at Follow CYA Soccer on Twitter! 
CYA Softball

Volunteer Sport Coordinator:  John Philipps
CYA Softball is poised to become one of the most prestigious softball programs in the region! New in 2016 - T-Ball for girls 5 & 6 years old. Softball has recreational and high level travel programs for girls ages 7 - 18. Check Out All of the Details HERE! Follow CYA Softball on FacebookTwitter and even Instagram!  
CYA Track

Volunteer Sport Coordinator:  Ed Lull
CYA Track has several hundred kids every spring and you know why?... It's AWESOME! All of our home events take place at Chantilly High School and we couldn't be more excited about the CYA Alumni who are now competing on the National Stage. Learn all about CYA Track HERE. You can also visit the CYA Track Website at and make sure you follow CYA Track on Twitter! 
CYA Volleyball

Volunteer Sport Coordinator:  Arvo Hall 
CYA Volleyball is for Boys and Girls in grades 3 - 12 and is an instructional league. That means we welcome kids of ALL skill levels! Get all of the details HERE. 
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Questions About a CYA Sport?  Contact the appropriate CYA Sport Coordinator directly.

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