Thank You to all CYA Coaches!


We are excited to announce that Michael Carmody won the Redskins/Cowboys Tickets!  Congratulations and Thank you for all of your volunteer work Michael.  Additionally, we would like to Thank all of the coaches whom are mentioned below.  You are all worthy of praise from a grateful community.  We hope you will continue your volunteer work with the upcoming Spring CYA Sports!

Each year, over 1000 people volunteer their time to CYA as Coaches.  The value of what a volunteer coach brings to a program like ours is often immeasurable.  Aside from the vast number of hours a volunteer coach happily gives to the community, the impact coaches have on young lives is life altering.  We are extremely grateful to have such a wonderful group of volunteers in our community!


I don’t think I can think of a coach who is more deserving of this prize than coach Carmody.  I couldn’t forget what he did for my son.  One season I registered my son for another season of soccer soon to realize my registration was never completed thus my son was going to miss the season.  I have contacted coach Carmody to let him know about my dilemma.  As a coach and as a father he didn’t want me to be in a position to disappoint my son.  Quietly he sprung into action, after he spent hours of precious time, he got my son registered and on his team.  I will never forget this act of going above and beyond to make me look good in front of my son and most importantly make my son happy to rejoin his team for yet another great season.  Regards, Emad Omeish.

From CYA Baseball, Frank Nava and from CYA Basketball, Brad Bowman and Tony Bowman.  Frank gives a lot to that program and certainly deserves some recognition and reward.  Brad and Tony are both great with the kids and are there for all the right reasons.  Thanks, Rich McFadden

I would like to offer the third nomination for 4th grade boys basketball Coach Mike Carmody.  Coach Carmody is a great mix of Basketball knowledge and team leader.  His ability to mix and use the talents of each member of the team has turned our tiny tots into a cohesive unit.  Of course the boys have varying talent levels but there is no one player more important than another on the Atomics.  That is a lesson I’ve been trying to teach my son for the last 3 years but Mike is getting through to him in just a matter of weeks.  Thanks Coach (and Coach Plott) for everything.  Kevin Kramp.

Zane Ritzert nominates Rich Darraro as Coach of the Year!  He is the best coach because he cares about his boys more than any other coach and because he teaches them life lessons as much as x’s and o’s.  His love of his team is obvious at every practice and every game.  He deserves recognition.  Gerry 

Coach Godfrey is the best basketball coach I’ve had.  He coaches well and gives the team great advice on how to improve.  We had a game last weekend and the opposition had 9 players, while we only had 5.  It was a rough beginning and while we thought we were going to lose, we tied 22-22 because of my coaches optimism and great advice.  He is a great b-ball coach! 

 "My son and I believe that Coach Ed Jones (4th Grade Boys Basketball) is the most deserving Coach for the tickets. Coach Jones cares; and he encourages all the boys on his team. Coach Jones takes time to teach the plays of basketball and demonstrates to the boys why and how the plays work. During practices he actually gets in on the plays with them so that they can see first-hand how to maneuver on the court. This season has started off great for our team and I attribute our wins to Coach Jones; while winning is awesome, that’s not his focus, he is dedicate to strengthening each players game, encouraging them to do their best, and making sure they understand the sport. Therefore to show appreciation, and to say THANK YOU for his great work with our team, I nominate Coach Ed Jones as the BEST COACH IN CYA!Thank You!The Epps Family

"Hi, my name is Vanessa. I would like to nominate coach Kevin Sturm. He coaches girls high school basketball. I see that he is very dedicated to coaching. He gives advice to each girl on how they can improve. And he’s a patient individual who demonstrates respect for his team and displays his enthusiasm for our team. "

"I want to say that Ken Tully - CYA Ankle biters football coach it GREAT, AWESOME, WONDERFUL!! All other coaches that I observed were just about winning, and although our team only won one game, as all the kids were new to his team, they all really had fun. If there is anyone who has a bigger heart than him it would be my dad. Coach Tully genuinely cared for each kid on the team. He went out of his way to pick up my son at SACC when I was unable to make it to practice on time. He took the time to talk to me, advise me and my son with so much care and sentiment that we just couldn’t and didn’t want to disappoint him in anyway. For my son and I’s first experience with football I must say it was wonderful. He asserted his strength and voice when needed but was never cruel or harsh to any child (and I could hear the other coaches who were down right mean on the other teams from across the field). Ken Tully is the best!!!!"

"Hi, I think my coaches are the best because they always cheer us on, help us with whatever we need help on, and even if we lose they tell us we won to keep us happy, at practice we have fun they don’t yell at you they don’t exclude us from anything and these are some word of why or coaches are the best.  P.S. head coach is mike sanders"

"Rob Owens is the best coach. He have been coaching my kids for years. I always request that we get him as a coach. He is also a big Skins fan (not sure why)." Thanks, Michael

"I would like to nominate Andre Gutierrez for the best coach in CYA. My twin boys played on Coach Andre’s U6 soccer team this past fall and had a wonderful season. Coach Andre is very passionate about soccer. He shares his love of the game, encourages sportsmanship, and teaches skills and fundamentals. Coach Andre’s positive attitude is infectious; my boys can’t wait for the spring season and look forward to playing on his team again. Sincerely,Tiffany"

"Dan Dschuhan – hands down the most dedicated coach in CYA I’ve known. Dan has been involved in CYA for years, not just as a coach for one team, but for two; not just as a coach but as coordinator – for two different grade levels. The personal time he puts into CYA is unbelievable. I recently saw him at at school gym donating his time to facilitate local under privileged youth, teaching them the game of basketball and teamwork while giving each of them encouragement and confidence. I vote for Dan!"

"I nominate enthusiastically Coach Jerry Benson, of the 2nd Grade Girls Purple Pandas Basketball team. Coach Benson has the privilege of working with a group of wonderfully enthusiastic, yet new-to-the-sport, young ladies who often make the coach’s job VERY challenging! Coach Benson has demonstrated both patience and excellent instruction to his team and they have had 2 awesome games so far this season. Coaching a group like this is really like herding cats but Coach Benson is up to the challenge with care, understanding and always conveys to the girls that it’s "all about having fun!!"

I would like to nominate Brian Morris for CYA Coach of the Year, who did an outstanding job with my son Manny’s T-ball team, the Atlanta Braves, this past spring. Brian was very patient in coaching these 5 year olds who had never played baseball before. The weekly improvement in their baseball skills was amazing to watch, thanks to Brian’s coaching."

Steve Steinberg is a friend to all who know him. He devotes time to soccer that he really does not have and cares deeply for all his players. In addition, he is upbeat and happy in spite of the situation and is a gracious winner and an even more gracious loser. I have never heard him have a cross word for any player and I can testify that his players (girls) truly love him! 

Hi CYA! I wanted to nominate my son’s football coach, Jim Keys. Timothy was a first-year participant in CYA football; an ankle-biter. Even though he was a bit behind his teammates in knowledge and skill, Coach Keys took the time to make him feel special and to encourage him to be an integral part of his team, the Chargers. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Coach Keys for striking the right balance between toughness and compassion…He’s the best! Blessings, Beth Gustafson

I would like to nominate Coach - Lindsay Arnsmeyer - (team Kitson) for BEST COACH OF CYA. I been with CYA from some years now but this time As a parent I am very satisifed. My kid along with having fun is also learning proper techinque of the game. She is putting lot of effort in teching the kids about game rules and techinque at the level where kids can understand and apply it while playing. She gave each student equal attention and also spend some time with each student indiviually.  Best part is that when we go for game with other team, she is not always about winning...she is about playing game with rules and having fun. She is always at top about informing us about game, practice. .     My Kid is having blast.   Kanwal Kaur

 Melissa Lottchea is the best coach in CYA! Melissa is coaching the Venom girls travel soccer team and doing an outstanding job. She not only is doing a great job coaching, she is organizing training sessions for all the girls to help them develop further. She has also nurtured a cohesiveness among the girls and organized team activities outside of soccer (cox farm trip, sleepovers, etc.). They have been together only 1 season but all have improved tremendously. Eric Hunter

We would like to nominate Tim Fink, coach to our 9-year old, Turner Applegate. To be honest, we would like to nominate his entire family because it truly was a joint effort and why we think he deserves these tickets.To start, Tim Fink was serious about the game with kindness. He taught them how to play the game as if they were always winners, the necessary moves they needed to apply, cues to look for to be able to change up your defense, and to move on offense. And I know what he was thinking, the kids would look so unfocused at times and go off there own way, "are these kids getting it?" They were getting it and despite what he may have been thinking, he pushed them to achieve their best. My son WANTED to make his coach proud. And he’s a whole package, his son was the assistance coach, his wife was at every game, cheering every child on, making them all feel like winners. Whether they won or lost, my son would always say, did you hear the people cheering for me and that would be the coach’s wife brightening my son’s day. I will never forget one game where my son played so hard, a true athlete coming off the field panting, sweating and when I asked him if he was ok, was he tired, he replied "The coach has said my name 8 times already Mom (referring to the coach yelling great job Turner), I am going for ten Great Jobs" I don’t know what a coach does to make a 9 year old try soo hard for his praise, but that tells me, that’s a coach worth having and worth thanking. We are all hard working parents/families and after a long day at work and dinner is done and I just want to rest, there’s Coach Fink with his son ready to take on another day with a group of highly energized boys and teach them the fundmentals of soccer. He’s one great coach, with a great family and deserves a night off at a Redskins game.  Coach Tim Fink!!!!  Marcia Applegate

Keith Harris is, without a doubt, the best coach in CYA. Keith coached the Little League Rockies to both the regular season and post-season championships. As a former player, Keith is clearly both knowledgeable and passionate about the game. His love for the game is contagious, and he nurtures the kids who play for him so they, too, can share his knowledge and passion for the game. Even as a parent who occasionally helped out, I learned a lot about the game from Keith. I wish all CYA coaches in all sports were as effective as Keith is in propagating the game that they coach. Respectfully, Mike Tinker

I would like to wholeheartedly nominate Tom Weston as the best coach in CYA sports. Tom coaches football, and my son has had the privilege to play for Tom for 3 seasons. All sports are demanding, but football can be quite intense. Tom devotes so much to CYA football and he does not even have a son on the team. He has 4 children and a demanding career, yet manages to put in hours and hours with the kids, for practices, games, and even social activities to help the kids bond. He has several assistant coaches that also do not have children on the team. They do it because they love the sport, and because they respect Tom and what he brings to the game and to the lives of these boys. Tom has taught Liam (and so many other boys) so much about football, but also about life. I could spend paragraphs talking about the championships he has won, the plays he has put together, the adjustments he has made at key times in important games, but to me, those are not as important as the example he has given the boys. Tom has taught the boys to respect their coaches, their fellow teammates, but also the referees and the opposing players and coaches. In 3 seasons I have not heard any foul language, and was amazed at how Tom could keep his cool when opposing coaches weren’t as classy- Win or lose the boys have been taught it’s about "the journey"- He has helped build character in so many boys- has been a terrific role model who is so caring of the whole child, not just the athlete. He has inspired boys to do things that they did not even know they were capable of, and has been supportive when they fail.
His play book is quite lengthy- scary for a parent of a young boy- but the first time I read one a few years ago I was floored to see that he put in writing that school and family responsibilities came before football. He challenged the boys to be worthy of the jerseys they were wearing, and all the while kept it fun. Tom starts every practice and every game by saying "it’s a great day for football" rain, shine, snow, sleet and his enthusiasm for the game is contagious. He ends every practice and game by having every player shake the hand of every coach - a great lesson in mutual respect. I remember how excited Liam was to go to practice the first year he had Tom-
The year before Liam played for Tom, he did not have a great experience, and despite his love for the sport, and obvious skill, he was not sure that he would play again. What a difference a coach can make! After one season with Tom, I think Liam would have done almost anything to have the opportunity to play for him again. There are so many great coaches in CYA sports- so many that are deserving of accolades and awards, but Tom is truly special and a gift to CYA and has attracted assistants with the same qualities. His teams are not ordinary teams and that goes well above the athletic talent. I’m sure that there are dozens of future coaches to follow that have been taught by Tom and cya will continue to reap the benefits of having had Tom coach. I sincerely hope that you honor Tom with this award- It would be a nice way to show him how appreciated he has been by so many people for so many years-
Jill Maison

I want to nominate Mike Carmody as the best coach in CYA. Year after year he goes way beyond what is necessary to not only have a successful team in the sport (he coaches multiple sports) but he goes out of his way to make ALL of the players on the team feel special. I have been an asst. basketball coach with him now for 4 seasons and each year he does something unique. Specifically, he’ll take our weakest player who may not get too many opportunities to score and make sure no one on the floor takes a shot until that player scores. Also, this year, we have a VERY shy player who’s self confidence is so weak that he didn’t think that he could play or even practice with our team. It would be easy to dismiss him and let our weakest player leave the team but Mike wouldn’t have it. He invited the kid over to his house for a play date to reassure him that he’s just an important as any of our other players. Now that kid comes and participates in practices and games and even went out to get new basketball shoes. I’ve coached multiple teams over the years myself in many sports and Mike is the best coach I’ve seen. He deserves this.  Thanks, Steve Plott

I am proud to nominate Coach Mike Carmody who has been coaching basketball this season for 4th Grade (Boys). My son really enjoys Coach Carmody’s mentorship and his style of coaching. I really admire the Coach’s energy, enthusiasm, and leadership in training the boys on how to be a great team both on and off the court. Thank You, Kiran Kambham

My son has been playing soccer and basketball for the past six seasons at CYA and has experienced playing the games with many coaches during those years. While most of the coaches my son experienced with playing the games were reasonably good, none stood out like coach Michael Carmody, his soccer coach. Mr. Carmody made his team feels special weather they had a winning or losing game or season. He took the time to explain routines and drills repeatedly, work with each player individually to strengthen their skills, pick up and return home his players if they could not get to the practice or the game, always communicated with his team weather they made a bad play or not and encouraged them with a smile, send communication emails to parents about coaching sessions for player improvement, complemented every player at the end of each game and encouraged them to improve on their playing performance. For his thoughts and efforts in helping his team succeed at this sport, I want to nominate coach Michael Carmody, as one of the few coaches who has gone above and beyond in coaching his soccer team and is my son’s MVP for coach of the year. Regards,  Richard Sukhdeo

We would like to nominate Mario Zampiello given his commitment to the kids and his ability to effectively teach the game of soccer. He is a great coach and supporter of the kids that strikes the fine balance between being competitive and ensuring the kids have fun. He gives 100% to the kids and gets the parents involved to whatever level that they want to be. Among the many things he did, Mario created a slideshow for the team from pictures taken throughout the season and he purchased paint for the cars during our all-star games to help build team spirit—all the while never asking for compensation or acknowledgement of any kind. Coaching can be a thankless job and that is why we are proud to support Coach Mario for the coach of the yearThanks, Scott, Vickie and Racheal Wennermark

Dear director, I nominate Dave Tiss as coach of the year. Why? he is a parent first and then a great coach. He is patient with his team players and he emphasizes the positive.
I would like to nominate Paul Jones. My daughter had him for both soccer and now basketball. He is great with the girls. Not too nice and not too aggressive, perfect balance. He is enthusiastic and is playful with the girls but knows how to keep them under control. He has been a great coach!


I nominate Mark Smith. He has been tireless in supporting both his son and daughters travel teams as an assistant and also conducted supplementary goalie training support sessions in the Fall. I think he coached almost half of our daughters u9 teams games this year. Mike and Jen Chase

Kevin Sturm is not only the best coach, he is a Saint. He is my Daughter’s and his Daughter’s coach for U14 soccer and she has been coached by him for many years. She even was coached by him the 1 season she played Basketball. He has the patience of a Saint and great enthusiasm, for not only teaching them the sports but for making sure that everyone is playing and enjoying it.  I know he is currently and has also coached many of his other 4 kids, 5 total, in CYA, probably in both Soccer and basketball. I don’t know the history, but am sure that you have the records of his get service to CYA and our children. I don’t know how he does it.  I’m not sure he would even want the tickets, but really deserves to be recognized for all he has done, even though I know he doesn’t want to be. He is happy doing it and is very modest. His Wife, Patty, also should be recognized for sharing him with the community.  Thanks for your consideration and this great idea.  Happy Holidays, Harry.


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