The 2014 CYA Annual Membership Meeting and Board Election Details Announced!

The 2014 Annual CYA Membership Meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at the CYA Shed at 12504 Bennett Road, Oakton, VA.  The CYA Board of Directors Elections will take place at this meeting.  If you are interested in running for a postion on the CYA Board of Directors or if you would like to nominate someone, please contact any member of the nominating committee.   All nominations must be submitted by Tuesday, September 30th.

All CYA Members are encouraged to attend the meeting yet in the event you are unable to attend, you are strongly encouraged to submit a proxy vote.  

2014 Proxy for Chantilly Youth Association (Posted October 1st, 2014)

The CYA Member designated as your proxy MUST be present at the meeting to submit your ballot.  

Send your Proxy to:  CYA.  P.O. Box 220242.  Chantilly, VA 20153



The CYA Nominating Committee includes: 
Bill Minto (mintofamily@verizon.net)
Rob Fitzhugh (rtfitzhugh@verizon.net)
John Philips (cya.softball.jp@verizon.net).

There are 11 members of the CYA Board of Directors:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 7 At-Large positions.

In 2014, the following positions will be voted on:  Vice President, Treasurer and 4 At-Large positions.


CYA By-Laws Amendments
The CYA By-Laws are reviewed and amended annually.  The document below shows the recommended changes to the existing CYA Bylaws as presented by the CYA Executive Committee.  All changes to the existing document are presented in "red" and are described below.  These changes will be voted on at the Annual CYA Board Meeting on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014.  If any member has input or questions regarding the proposed By-Laws Amendments, please send to the CYA Executive Director:  ExecDirector@ChantillyYouth.org

Existing By-Laws and Proposed By-Laws 


Summary of Amendments:

Article III - Government

3.01 - Rephrased

3.02 - Rephrased


Article IV - Officers and their duties  - Rephrase "Officers, Sport Coordinators and their Duties

4.02 - Presidents Role Updated

4.03 - Vice Presidents Role Updated

4.04 - Secretary's Role Updated.  Existing Clause 4.04 becomes Clause 4.08

4.05 - Treasurer's Role Updated.  Existing Clause 4.05 become Clause 4.09

4.06 - Non-Directors Addition. Existing Clause 4.06 becomes Clause 4.04

4.07 - Executive Directors Role Addition.  Existing Clause 4.07 becomes Clause 4.05

4.08 - Existing Clause 4.08 becomes 4.10

4.09 - Sports Coordinators Role - Rephrased.  

4.11 - Compensation for Board Services - Addition

4.12 - Indemnification - Addition

**Note.  Article IV contained 8 Clauses in the original Bylaws.  The recommended amendments add 4 Clauses to Article IV for a total of 12 Clauses.


Article V - Committees

5.04 - Rephrased




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