Meeting Minutes from 9/20/05

Meeting called to order by Ralph Wills at 8:05 p.m. (at Word of Grace)

Board Members Present:  Ralph Wills, Jack Smit, Ed Miller, Hal Strickland, Art Simcox , Bill Minto, Rick Shryock, Mike Dingman

Board Members Not Present:  Blair Meason, Rich Gleason, Rob Strittmatter

Sports Programs Represented:  Karen Shores (Registration, Sports Reporting, and Facility Allocations), Basketball (Rick Shryock), WOGCAF (Hal Strickland), Softball (Judy Galloway), Lacrosse (Garth Jansen)

1.      Opening Remarks – Ralph Wills

·        Nominating committee of Bill Minto, Jack Smit, and Mark Abbott appointed

·        General membership meeting & elections to be held on Tuesday October 18th at 8pm at the shed

·        Ralph nominated Rick Shryock to be first-to-be-called for alarms at the shed

2.      Treasurer’s Report – Rob Strittmatter

·        No report

3.      Indoor Facilities – Ralph

·        No report

4.      Outdoor Facilities - Hal

·        We’re trying to extend our use of EDS through spring 2006 but don’t count on it – CYA is supposed to vacate EDS in November 2005

·        Proffer for development of EDS site is supposed to include approx. 10 acres for fields OR a 3 acre PAD set aside

·        Long & Foster site – we may have to clear off before spring 2006

·        County $5.50 fee being collected is going toward a fund to develop artificial turf fields – about 1 field in the county every 3 years…

·        Mark Abbott reported that USSF (U.S. Soccer Foundation) will provide a grant of up to $100K for facility development

5.      Registration, Sports Reporting, and Facility Allocations – Karen Shores

·        Ralph noted that this past fall’s registration was one of the easiest in memory (few complaints!)

·        The large number (200 – 300) of Football “manual paper” registrations (not on-line) is very time consuming for registration volunteers, Football is asked to find ways to reduce this amount next time

·        We need to solve Travel Basketball registration issue (registration needs to take place in September since try-outs start in October

·        The walk-in registration for Winter sports resulted in less than 50 registrations

6.      Word of Grace – Hal

·        Hal showed Board Members the facility

·        Need to close contract matter with Sportexe

7.      Shed – Hal

·        No report

8.      Insurance – Ed

·        Awaiting premium quote

9.       KidSafe – Jack Smit

·        Approximately 1300 volunteers have been through KidSafe background checks

10. Corporate Fundraising – Bill Bailey

·        No report

11.  Legal – Mike Dingman

·        Nothing to report

12. Training – Rich Gleason

·        No report

13. Old Business

·        None

14.  New Business

·        None

15.  Discussion for the good of CYA

·        Mark Abbott - Football’s use of Poplar Tree has made the fields unplayable – moving games scheduled to other locations

·        Mark - Also, soccer shed at Poplar Tree (shared with Football) was left unlocked on several occasions, graffiti cost $1126 to remove (bill from county?)

·         Mark – CYA Soccer supported “Soccer For Life” by collecting and sending over 1200 pounds of used soccer equipment to Honduras to be used by kids playing soccer there in mountain villages (kids walk up to 5 miles just to play!)

·        Garth Jensen – Girls’ Lacrosse holding a series of fall LAX clinics, discussion about whether fee charged should include CYA fees (G&A and/or county user fee) – clinic being held on non-county fields so no user fee required but CYA Board needs to set policy regarding clinics  

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.


The CYA annual General Membership Meeting & Elections are scheduled for Tuesday October 18th at 8:00 pm at the CYA Shed

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