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The Fieldhouse FitHour Membership

FitHour Membership

EveryMom Fitness and The Fieldhouse have teamed up to create a group fitness program that will run on our turf fields. The classes will be 45 minutes to an hour in length, with each class focusing on targeting specific muscle groups to enhance your overall fitness goals. Workouts are carefully designed to boost your metabolism and create long lean muscle. If you want to maximize your results and your membership, attend 3-4 classes per week. 

The goal of this membership-based program is to help each participant reach their individual goals. The instructors will lead the class with high energy, while ensuring participants perform the exercises correctly. Modifications will be offered to meet all fitness levels, making these classes challenging, yet tailored for every fitness level. 

FitHour will kick off in October with a FREE WEEK of classes. If you are interested in joining this “everyone welcome” program, contact us at

FitHour Membership Cost: $50/mo

FitHour Classes per week: 15-20

Program Manager: Erica Hall

For the past ten years Erica has provided the means and motivation for both women and men to achieve and exceed their fitness goals in challenging, supportive group classes. 

She is the co-owner of EveryMom Fitness, located right here at The FieldHouse. EveryMom Fitness is dedicated to providing every mom with a great workout offering modifications for every fitness level. Kids are encouraged to attend classes with their moms, where they also learn the importance of exercise in building a healthy, strong body inside and out. The EveryMom class has grown from ten members to over forty, in just five months under Erica’s leadership.

Erica has been a certified personal trainer for over ten years, training both men and women. She worked in a private personal training studio to gain experience with injury recovery. Running her own fitness business in Tampa, Florida, Erica taught bootcamp classes within her neighborhood. She has also taught and trained at several gyms and studios locally. Helping people achieve their fitness goals and feel confident and strong has always been a true passion for Erica.