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CYA Activites and Early School Closure on Friday January 25th

At 10:30 AM FCPS announced that all schools would close 2 hours early today due to the forecast for snow later this afternoon. As a result, all recreational activites scheduled in the school gyms for tonight are cancelled. This includes all CYA practices/games and any FCYBL (travel) games that would have involved CYA's travel teams.

In addition, interscholastic events are also cancelled. Thus, the CYA nights at Chantilly and Westfield high schools involving the CHS and WHS boys and girls freshman, JV and varsity basketball teams are now cancelled as these games will not be played tonight. CYA will inquire with the athletic departments of the two schools to see if these two events can be rescheduled.
There are no planned closures for either Saturday or Sunday at the schools at this point in time so both Saturday and Sunday CYA games will be played as scheduled. Note however that there is a gym closure on Saturday at Franklin MS (due to installation of a speaker system in the gym by the County) so games originally scheduled there on Saturday have been moved to new times and locations. For those changes, check the CYA Basketball scheduling website (
We will continue to monitor the weather situation and send out a new notification if FCPS decides to close the schools for either Saturday or Sunday.