Spring Basketball Program 2015 (grades 4-12 only)

ATTENTION: CYA Basketball's Winter program for grades 1-12 is now winding to a close. Registration for the Spring season opened on January 10. You can register without payment of a late fee until 11:59 PM Sunday 8 March. Starting 9 March, you can still register, with payment of a $25 late fee, and be guaranteed placement on a team until 15 March. Starting 16 March, players will only be put on a team if space remains in their grade bracket.

Note that the registration system for the Spring season is new so you cannot log in as an existing user but must register as a new user.


Online registration for the CYA Spring House Basketball Program will began in January 2015. The registration fee for grades 4-8 is $155.00 and for grades 9-12 is $165; this registration fee includes a $20 CYA admin fee, a $10 indoor capital improvement fee, and a $5.50 Fairfax County user fee.  The deadline to register without a late fee is now March 8th. Beginning March 9th a $25 late charge is assessed on all registrations. To ensure placement on a team, you must register by March 15th. All registrants after March 15th will be placed on a wait list and placed on a team only if space permits. NOTE: Due to Fairfax County rules, a $30 user fee is assessed on any out-of-county registrants.

CYA’s house program is open to all applicants in grades 4-12 regardless of skill level or place of residence. Those who participated in the Winter travel program or played for their High School teams are also eligible to participate in this house program. Most leagues in grade 4-8 have a weeknight practice and a weekend game for the first few weeks and then go to a weeknight game and weekend game for the remainder of the season. High school aged players have a single pre-season practice then go straight to games only (weeknight and weekend games).

The season will start in late March or early April and will go until early June. Skills assessments for grades 4-8 will be held in mid to late March. Games are anticipated to begin the weekend of April 4-5th for most leagues. There will be no games during Spring break.

For more information, see the Frequency Asked Questions page or send an email to the registrar (Cindy Aune) at registrar@chantillyyouth.org.


While there is no Travel program in the Spring, CYA last year instituted a pilot AAU program on the girls side for grades 4-8. These players pay a $200 base registration fee and then a supplemental fee depending on how many AAU tournaments they participate in and the cost of those tournaments. They are also required to purchase their uniforms. Players on these teams practice twice a week and play in up to 6  local tournaments over the course of the AAU season.

Last year (2014) CYA instituted a Boys AAU program along the same lines as the girls AAU program established in 2013. Tryouts for both the boys and girls 2015 programs will take place in late February to early March. The coordinator for the AAU girls program is Craig Ballam (sports@theballams.name) and for the boys program is Jon Enders (john.enders24@gmail.com).  Link to Infomration

Basketball House Skills Assessments (Spring)
Assessment scheduling

CYA will hold what we call skills assessments for grades 4-8 in mid March. An email will be sent to all registrants prior to the assessment date.

Note that skills assessments are not held for grades 9-12. Players in grades 9-12 are assigned to teams by the coaches and league administrators based on their prior knowledge of the players skill levels.

These skills assessments, in which the participants run through several drills and participate in a short scrimmage, are used by the coaches to evaluate the range of talent and rank the players. This player ranking is then used in the player draft held a short time later, which allocates the players to the various teams. Although we want everyone to participate in the skills assessments (especially new players), all players who register by March 15th are placed on teams regardless of whether or not they attend the assessments.

True AP Speed/Quickness Clinics
Spring Program 3/2-5/28
CYA Basketball’s partner True Athlete Performance is once again offering Youth, Athlete and Elite Speed Clinics during the Spring season for those Basketball players who wish to improve their speed, agility, quickness, reaction time, and power. There is a 20% discount being offered for CYA basketball participants (Promo Code CYAbball) for those who sign up by March 2nd.

These clinics will be held several times per week (Monday through Thursday) in March, April and May, beginning March 2nd and ending May 28th. Free Saturday sessions will also be offered to registrants. Those interested can sign up at any time. Participation in these speed clinics is strictly voluntary and completely independent of CYA's Winter or Spring basketball program.  Note that these are speed and strength clinics not basketball skills clinics.

The Youth Speed Clinic for kids ages 8-10 will be held from 5:00-6:00 PM Mondays through Thursdays; participants choose the days most convenient for them and can sign up for 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week. All clinics will be held held at the nZone, which is located at 14550 Lee Road in Chantilly. The cost for 2 days a week is as low as $18/session. You can start anytime.

The Athlete Speed Clinic for kids ages 11-14 will be held from 6:00-7:30 PM Mondays through Thursdays; participants choose the days most convenient for them and can sign up for 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week. All clinics will be held held at the nZone, which is located at 14550 Lee Road in Chantilly. The cost for 2 days a week is as low as $30/session. You can start anytime.

The Elite Speed Clinic for kids ages 15-18 will be held from 3:30-5:00 PM Mondays through Thursdays; participants choose the days most convenient for them and can sign up for 1 or 2 sessions per week. All clinics will be held held at the nZone, which is located at 14550 Lee Road in Chantilly. The cost for 2 days a week is as low as $30/session. You can start anytime.

For all three programs, CYA Basketball participants who sign up by March 2nd receive a 20% discount off the registration fee. Use Promo Code "CYAbball" when registering.

To register go to www.trueap.com/chantilly. For flyer with further information, go to http://www.trueap.com/flyers/CYAbball-Spring15.pdf.

If you have any questions, contact  Randy Devine at True Athlete Performance (rdevine@trueap.com) or the TrueAP office at 703-996-3500.

CYA Inclement Weather Policy

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) or individual school authorities can close the school gyms due to inclement weather.Whenever FCPS has announced that the schools will be closed for the whole day or closed early due to weather conditions, then all school gyms  are closed on that day and all CYA practices/games at the schools are cancelled.  FCPS also makes decisions starting Saturday morning on weekend game use. However, a school closure for weather reasons on Saturday does not mean that the gyms will automatically be closed on Sunday. FCPS makes separate determination for Saturdays and Sundays and post this on their website each day.
It is the primary responsibility of each coach to determine whether the school gyms have been closed because of inclement weather andto alert the members of his/her team. Parents can also get information about school closings for themselves. This information can be obtained by watching the FCPS channel 21 (Cox, Comcast and Verizon), by going to the FCPS website (http://www.fcps.edu/news/emerg.shtml), or by checking the FCPS Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/fcpsva) or Twitter .Coaches and parents are encouraged to sign up for the FCPS Keep In Touch message service that can broadcast information both to an email address and a cell phone (http://www.fcps.edu/kit/). This service will alert coaches to school closings due to weather orother emergency situations. In addition, coaches should check their e-mails on nights prior to game days or in the mornings on game days if it is or has been snowing.
Neither Nova Field House in Chantilly or the new Hoops Plus facility in Sterling follow the FCPS gym closure guidelines. Instead, game cancellations at these facilities due to weather are decided upon by the CYA Basketball Board in consultation with the facility staff and the officiating organization. This information will be posted on the CYA website. You can also check the website of the Nova Fieldhouse (http://www.novafieldhouse.com) or Hoops Plus (https://www.hoopsplus.net).

As soon as CYA receives information about weather-related cancellations at the schools, Nova Field House or Hoops Plus, these announcements are posted to the Basketball page of the CYA website (www.chantillyyouth.org/basketball) and to the CYA Basketball scheduling website (). CYA will also endeavor to send out a mass e-mail to all CYA participants from both the CYA main website and the scheduling website. In certain circumstances, CYA may cancel games on the weekends due to unsafe driving conditions even if FCPS or Nova Field House/Hoops Plus have not yet made a decision to close their facilities.

Bottom line: On days when it is snowing or significant snow or ice is on the ground, you should check for any school closures or Nova Fieldhouse/Hoops Plus closures before leaving for your game. If it is snowing or sleeting and facilities are open, parents should use their best judgment about whether to take their child to any scheduled game.

CYA College Scholarship 2015
Application Process

CYA Basketball once again has set aside $2000 in total college scholarship monies to be awarded in the Spring of 2014 to qualified applicants for use in the scholastic year 2015—2016 as a college freshman. Individual awards ranging from $500-$1000 will be given by the basketball board of directors to up to 4 high school seniors (at least one boy and one girl) who have participated in CYA Basketball in their middle school and high school years and who meet the other stated criteria of academic achievement and good sportsmanship.

General guidelines for the application include:
  • The applicant must have submitted all requested information on time (If full package is not received, no consideration will be given). Please read all instructions carefully!
  • The applicant must display good citizenship and have an exemplary record of community service. Applicant must also have a record of good sportsmanship while participating in the CYA basketball program.
  • The applicant must attend an accredited college in the fall of the scholarship program year (2011) and plan on obtaining a four-year degree.
  • The applicant must currently have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better for all 4 0f their high school years.

The applicant must have played on either a CYA Basketball team or their high school basketball team for at least three seasons during their high school years. In addition, the applicant must have been a registered participant and participated in CYA house or travel Basketball for a minimum of two seasons during their middle and high school years (these two requirements can overlap).

The recipient of a 2015 CYA Basketball scholarship will be a person who is inspiring to his/her teammates and friends, displays good sportsmanship, and brings credit to his/her school and sport. (This scholar-athlete need not have played on their high school basketball team and need not have been a highly skilled player.)

Deadline for the completed application is  June 1st (though the Board reserves the right to extend the deadline if an insufficient number of applications has been received). For a copy of the application, click the link on the left side of this web page. Applications should be mailed or hand delivered to:

Cindy Aune
Vice Chairperson, CYA Basketball
3003 Heritage Farm Ct.
Oak Hill, VA  20017

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