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League Administrators

Spring 2009 season

The following are the Boys and Girls league administrators for the Spring 2009 season. If you have any questions about your son’s or daughter’s team or schedule, please contact the league administrator for the appropriate grade.

Gender League Administrator Email
Boys 4th grade  Dan Dschuhan
Boys 5th grade  Kelly Eyer
Boys 6th grade  Dan Dschuhan
Boys 7th grade  Randy Gulakowski
Boys 8th grade  Lovely Huff
Boys 9th grade  Bruce Fraser
Boys 10th grade  Brian Leonard
Boys 11th grade  Dale Howell
Boys 12th grade Don Fries
Boys Commissioner Brian Leonard
Boys Deputy Commish Dale Howell
Girls 4-5th grades Patricia Mills
Girls 5-6th grades Patricia Mills
Girls 7-8th grades Troy Olsen
Girls 9-12th grades Bruce Wardlaw
Girls Commissioner Bruce Wardlaw
Girls Deputy Commish Troy Olsen