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Travel Coaching Positions

2006-07 Boys Coaches

The following coaches have been selected to coach CYA’s Boys Travel teams in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL). Note that the Boys 15 and under and Boys 18 and under coaches remain to be interviewed so they are not listed:
Boys 10 and under: Tomas McHugh, Steve Messick, Bill Smith
Boys 11 and under: Dan Nadeau, David Godfrey, Steve Fairbank
Boys 12 and under: Tom Stangroom, Dale Howell, Kevin Dunwoody
Boys 13 and under: Marty Small, David Morris, Paul George
Boys 15 and under: Joe King, Eric Blackmon
Boys 18 and under: Marty Small
CYA wants to thank all those who applied to coach CYA Travel this year. As always, we had many qualified new and returning candidates in many age groups, which made the final decision often a difficult one.