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Boys Skills Assessments-Tryouts

Schedule (Update 11/29)

Players in grades 3 through 10 are placed on teams based on a skills assessment and a player draft in order to try to balance the talent across the teams in each league. Players are asked to participate in the skills assessments (which include a short scrimmage and the running of 3-4 simple drills) in order to assess their ballhandling skills, shooting ability, offensive and defensive abilities, and hustle/teamwork. Players are then ranked by the coaches and allocated to teams through a draft process in which all the coaches participate. In order to make the rankings as accurate as possible, it is important that players attend these assessments at the announced date and time. However, if they are unable to attend, they will still be assigned to a team. 
Note that, since historically 11-12th graders rarely participate in skills assessments, these players are assigned to teams by the coaches and league administrators based on knowledge of their past performance (no assessments are scheduled at this age). In addition, 1st and 2nd graders do not participate in skills assessments because at those levels players are assigned to teams based on school and neighborhood criteria.
Beginning November 9th, as space becomes available and league administrators coordinate with their coaches on a date, skills assessments will be scheduled for each league and posted here. Note that some of the larger leagues ask players to come at a specific time according to their last name in order to cut down on waiting times; if a player cannot come at the time designated, he/she should come whenever possible during the designated session. See below for the most recent information:
1st and 2nd grade boys: No skills assessments. Team placement by league administrator
3rd grade boys: 6:00 - 9:00 PM Thurs. Nov. 10th and Fri. Nov. 11th, Floris Elementary School
4th grade boys: 9:00-4:00 PM Sat. Nov. 19th, Brookfield Elementary School. The South division is from 9:00 - 12:00 and the North division is from 12:30-4:00 PM (see list below). The suggested arrival time by last name for players from South division schools is: 9:00 AM A-F, 10:00 AM G-R, and 11:00 AM S-Z. For North division schools, the suggested arrival time is: 12:30 PM A-H, 1:30 PM I-O, 2:30 PM P-Z.
South Division schools: Boyd School, Brookfield, Centre Ridge, Colin Powell, Floris, Greenbriar East and West, Lees Corner, McNair, Nysmith, Poplar Tree, St. Tims, St. Charles, and St. Leo. 
North Division schools: Academy for Christian Education, Crossfield, Fox Mill, Lake Anne, Langley School, Navy, Oak Hill, Oak Hill Christian, St. Marks, Town and Country, Trinity Christian, and Waples Mill.
NOTE: Hunters Mill ES players are assigned to divsion above according to the closest listed school. 
5th grade boys: 6:30-8:45 PM Thurs. Nov. 17th, Brookfield ES and 1:00-3:00 PM Sat. Nov. 19th McNair ES. Requested arrival time by last name: Thurs. 11/17 Brookfield ES A-Bro 6:30, Bu-D 7:00, F-Har 7:30, Hav-K 8:00; Sat. 11/19 McNair ES L-Mil 1:00, Miz-Rah 1:30, Rh-Sta 2:00, Str-Z 2:30
6th grade boys:  1:30-4:30 PM Sun. Dec. 4th, Rocky Run MS. Requested arrival time by last name: A-C 1:30, D-G 2:00, H-L 2:30, M-P 3:00, R-S 3:30, T-Z 4:00.
7th grade boys: 6:00-9:00 PM Tues. Nov. 15th, Franklin MS, and 6:00-9:00 PM Wed. Nov. 16th, Waples Mill ES (suggested arrival time by last name: Tues 11/15 Franklin 6:15 A-D'Amico, 7:15 Dang-Johnson, 8:15 Jones-Kiser; Wed 11/16 Waples Mill 6:15 Kovach-Protzuk, 7:15 Punuru-Tucker, 8:15 Vangala- )
8th grade boys: 8th grade boys: 6:10 - 8:45 PM, Tues. Nov. 15th, Rachel Carson MS (suggested arrival time by last name: A-G 6:10 PM, H-N 7:00 PM, O-Z 8:00 PM)
9th grade boys: Schedule pending  (not before November 21st)
10th grade boys: Schedule pending (not before November 21st)
11-12th grade boys: No skills assessments. Team placement by coaches and league administrator