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Boys League Administrators

Winter 2016-17 House Program

CYA Basketball Boys League Administrators - Winter 2016-17
Grade League Admin Cell Email
1 Jonathan Matiello 703-801-3613
2 Robert Miller 703-927-9294
3 Scott Madsen 703-926-6266
4 Danny Rumford 703-597-5902
5 Jason Rosensweig 703-798-4982
6 Brad  Green 703-623-2069
7 Barry Culman 571-228-7595
8 JP Prochazka 703-867-3972
9 Cathy Awad 703-674-9463
10 Doug Hall 703-597-3745
11 Scott Madsen 703-926-6266
12 Dan Dschuhan 571-268-0463
CYA Basketball Board  
Chairman Rick Shryock 703-963-5430  
Director of Operations Dan Dschuhan 571-268-0463  
Registrar Cindy Aune 703-597-1707  
Boys Commissioner Dale Howell 703-216-8090  
Girls Commissioner Lee Cooper 703-407-5298  
Deputy Girls Commish Meghan Acocella 571-337-8040  
Ref Coordinator Monica Despins 703-283-3794  
Sportsmanship Rein Kiewel 703-346-6092  
Quartermaster Dale Howell 703-216-8090  
Scheduler Paul Jones 703-622-0586  
Special Events Scott Madsen 703-926-6266  
Web Master JP Prochazka 703-867-3972  

Emergency Game Changes (Sat 1-23): 7th and 8th grade boys

Rocky Run closed, games moved to Carson (7B) and Hoop Magic (8B)

Due to testing for admission to Thomas Jefferson HS, school authorities at Rocky Run MS have unexpectedly closed the gym today (Saturday 1/23). As a result, the following games are being moved:

  • All 7th grade boys games originally schedulded at Rocky Run are being moved to Rachel Carson (ct 2) at the same scheduled times.
  • All 8th grade boys games originally scheduled at Rocky Run are being moved to Hoop Magic Sports Academy (14810 Murdock St, Chantilly).  All games will remain at the same scheduled times expect the 11:30 game, which will now be played at 5:45 pm. 

Please be aware that Hoop Magic is a private facility and has a $1 spectator fee for all non-players (over the age of 12) that is charged at the door. CYA has unsuccessfully tried to convince Hoop Magic to waive this fee so unfortunately parents will have to pay it.

We apologize for this inconvenience but unfortunately Rocky Run apparently neglected to notify the Recreation Department in advance.


1. Take Route 50 West for 3.1 miles (about 2 miles past the intersection with Route 28) to Stonecroft Blvd (look for Auto Park sign on your right).

2. Turn right on Stonecroft Blvd and take it for approximately 1/3 mile.

3. Turn left onto Murdock St. Facility is approximately 100 yards from intersection of Stonecroft and Murdock.


League and parent provided

As part of their registration fee, all those in grades 2-12 receive a new basketball reversible sleeveless style jersey; first graders will receive a t-shirt style jersey.  Players in grades 1-6 will also receive a practice basketball.
In grades 4-12 those teams that win the end-of-season championship game will receive a t-shirt or trophy (depending on the age group).  All first graders will receive a participation trophy.
Parents need to provide their kids with a pair of athletic shorts to wear during the games and approrpriate athletic shoes. Basketball-specific shoes are strongly recommended for the older kids. Cotton athletic socks are also strongly recommended to help prevent blisters. An undershirt is also recommended for grades 2-8.