Boys League Administrators
Winter House 2016-17

CYA Basketball Boys League Administrators - Winter 2017-18

Grade League Admin Cell Email
1 Hillaire Cooke 201-815-1343
2 Jonathan Mattiello 703-801-3613
3 Jason Strong 571-594-1149
4 Scott Madsen 703-926-6266
5 Danny Rumford 703-597-5902
6 Jason Rosensweig 703-798-4982
7 Josh Taylor 571-351-7199
8 Barry Culman 571-228-7595
9 JP Prochazka 703-867-3972
10 Cathy Awad 703-674-9463
11 Doug Hall 703-597-3745
12 Scott Madsen 703-926-6266
League and parent provided equipment

As part of their registration fee, all those in grades 2-12 receive a new basketball jersey; first graders receive a t-shirt style jersey.  Players in grades 1-6 also receive a  practice basketball.

All those in grades 4-12 whose team makes it to the end-of-season tournament final receive a tournament trophy or souvenir championship t-shirt (depending on the age group). All first graders receive a participation trophy.

Parents need to provide their kids with a pair of athletic shorts to wear during the games and approrpriate athletic shoes. Basketball-specific shoes are strongly recommended for the older kids. Cotton athletic socks are also strongly recommended to help prevent blisters. An undershirt is required for all girls and an athletic bra recommended for older girls.


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