CYA Basketball Program Winter 2016-17
Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the following questions regarding CYA Basketball can be accessed by clicking the Continue link below:

1. How do I sign up for CYA Basketball?
2. What is the cost to register?
3. I want to register online but do not want to pay by credit card. What should I do?
4. How old does my child have to be to play CYA Basketball?
5. Are there any residency requirements to play CYA Basketball?
6. When does registration start and end?
7. When does the season start and end?
8. When and where are practices held?
9. Where and when are the games held?
10. Are boys and girls placed on the same team?
11. What is the difference between House and Travel basketball?
12. Should my child try out for the CYA Travel basketball?
13. How are the House teams selected?
14. How are the House coaches selected?
15. I am a high school student that wants to coach CYA Basketball. Is this possible?
16. My child wants to play up at a higher grade level in the house program. Is that allowed?
17. My child wants to play down at a lower grade level in the house program. Is that allowed?
18. My child wants to play on the same team as his/her friend or with another child for carpool purposes in the house program. Is that possible?
19. My child wants to play for a particular coach. Can this be done?
20. Some kids who tried out for Travel basketball have been notified but my child has not. What should I do?
21. I have heard that teams in some house leagues are already formed and practicing but my child has not been notified. What should I do?
22. My child was placed on the "waiting list" for his/her league? What does that mean and what should I do?
23. My child registered for CYA basketball but wants to withdraw. Can I get a refund?
24. My child’s coach says he/she needs volunteers to serve as a building director. What is a building director and how do I become one?
25. My child wants to become a CYA house ref? How does he/she do this?
26. Who runs CYA Basketball?
27. Does CYA need more volunteers at different positions?


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