Boys Travel Program (Winter 2017-18)
Program Summary
CYA Boys Travel Basketball Program (Winter 2017-18)

Program Summary

During the winter season, CYA offers those players with a higher skill level an opportunity to participate in the countywide Fairfax County Youth Basketball League ( -- commonly known as Travel or Select.  Travel coaches are re-selected each summer through an interview process.  Tryouts are held for travel teams in grades 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th in early October.  Players must attend at least 2 tryouts.  After tryouts, the coaches select 10-11 players per team.  The number of teams per age group is determined by the talent available at tryouts (with a maximum of 3 teams per age group).  Practice begins as soon as the teams are selected. This program requires a greater time commitment from participants for practice (3 hours per week) and games (1-2 per week).  The FCYBL season runs from mid-November through the beginning of March.  Most games are played at gyms across Fairfax County (often outside the Chantilly area) and in Falls Church, Arlington, or Alexandria.

Player Eligibility

The travel teams are grade-based rather than age-based as they were in the past. This means anyone in the designed grade can participate as long as they are not more than 2 years older than others in that grade as of September 1st of that year.  For example, no player on the 6th grade team can be 13 as of September 1st of that year.  There are no more age exceptions.  All players will be expected to provide documentation of their current grade (report card) along with a Walker ID once selected to a team.  Note that FCYBL also strictly limits the number of players in 4th grade or below who can be selected to the 10 and under teams.

Eligible CYA players must reside in Fairfax County and, by FCYBL rules, are limited to our allocated zip codes (22033, 22030, 20151, 20171, 22124, 20191 and 20120), with 2 zip code exceptions allowed per team.

Open Gyms 

In September, CYA will sponsor open gyms for each travel team grade (5th through 8th, which are open to everyone at the designated age.  The travel coaches will supervise the open gyms providing some skills training and running scrimmages.  These are an opportunity for kids to get warmed up for the travel tryouts and season.  Participation is strictly voluntary.

Open gym dates will be posted the first week of September on the CYA Basketball scheduling website:  Travel tryout dates will be posted shortly thereafter.

Registration Information

Online registration for the Travel tryouts for Winter 2017-18 season will begin in early September (accessed through the Registration tab on the main CYA web page,  You must register (at no cost) for Travel/AAU tryouts in order to participate in the tryouts and be invited to join a team if selected.

There is a new registration system in place for Travel players. Everyone who is interested in trying out for a Travel team must register (at no cost) for Travel/AAU tryouts.  (AAU tryouts occur in the Spring and use this same category). Once the Travel tryouts conclude and the teams are selected, those players who made the teams will be sent an invitation to participate in our program and directed to register for the Travel program at a total cost of $350.00 (which can be made in two payments). This will be the only registration fee for Travel.  There will not be a supplemental fee as in years past.  In addition, Travel players must purchase a travel uniform.  CYA will be using new uniforms this season so all players will be required to purchase one.  The cost is $75 for the reversible jersey and short and $33 for the shooting shirt.

For those players who did not make the team, they will be notified and invited to sign up for our House program if they choose to do so. If someone signed up for House and made the travel team, they will be refunded that House registration fee.  

If you have any questions, please contact the new Travel program coordinator, John Enders @ ( or VP of Operations, Dan Dschuhan @

CYA Boys 2017-18 Travel Basketball

2017-18 CYA Travel Basketball


You must pre-register your child before he can attend tryouts.  There is no fee to pre-register.  Click on the “Registration” link on the main CYA website ( and sign into your account (or create an account if you have never done so).  Then register your child for “CYA Basketball Try-outs (Travel & AAU) – Winter 2017 Travel Tryouts.”  Contact CYA Registrar Cindy Aune with any registration questions (

Travel team selections will be finalized within a few days of the last tryout for that grade.  If your child does not make a travel team, he will automatically be put in the House League registration pool.  If you have any questions, please contact CYA Travel Basketball Coordinator, John Enders @ or VP of Operations, Dan Dschuhan @

CYA Travel Baskletball Tryouts Boys - 2017
Travel Tryout Fall 2017

CYA Travel Basketball Tryouts

Fall 2017


5th Grade Boys

  • 4th Grader Only Evaluation - 9/27 @ McNair, 6:30-8:00

  • 9/30 @ Hoops Plus (3 courts), 7:00-8:45

  • 10/1 @ Liberty MS (2 courts), 5:00-6:45

  • 10/2 @ Rocky Run (2 courts), 6:00-7:30

  • Interested players must attend at least two of the tryouts on 9/30, 10/1, or 10/2 to be considered for a team; a fourth tryout may be held at the discretion of the coaches to finalize team selection.  

  • ***4th Tryout - As Necessary*** 10/7 @ Hoops Plus, 6:00-7:30 -- Coaches will indicate which players should attend this tryout

6th Grade Boys

  • 10/1 @ Franklin MS (2 courts), 7:00-8:45

  • 10/2 @ Poplar Tree, 6:30-8:15

  • 10/3 @ Brookfield, 6:30-8:15

7th Grade Boys

  • 10/2 @ Hoops Plus (3 courts), 7:00-8:45

  • 10/3 @ Poplar Tree, 7:00-8:30

  • 10/6 @ Poplar Tree, 6:30-8:15

8th Grade Boys

  • 10/3 @ Hoops Plus (3 courts), 7:00-8:45

  • 10/6 @ Hoops Plus (3 courts), 7:00-8:45

  • 10/9 @ Hoops Plus (3 courts), 6:00-7:45

Frequently Asked Questions
CYA Travel Winter 2017-18
Please check the Frequently Asked Questions here to find out more about the Travel program. Answers to the following questions can be accessed by clicking Continue below.
1. What is the difference between House and Travel basketball?
2. Should my child try out for the CYA Travel basketball?
3. How do I sign up for CYA Travel Basketball?
4. What is the cost to register? Are there other costs as well?
5. I want to register online but do not want to pay by credit card. What should I do?
6. How old does my child have to be to play CYA Travel Basketball?
7. Are there any residency requirements to play CYA Travel Basketball?
8. When does registration start and end?
9. When and where are the tryouts held?
10. My daughter plays another sport in the Fall? What do I do about conflicts with the Travel tryouts or practices?
11. When does the Travel season start and end?
12. How are the Travel coaches selected?
13. How are the assistant coaches selected?
14. How are the Travel teams selected?
15. How does the player draft work for Travel teams?
16. Why is a different method used at the 10 and under level?
17. My child wants to play for a particular coach. Can this be done?
18. How many Travel teams does CYA have at each age/gender level?
19.  How is it determined how many Division 1 and how many Division 2 Travel teams CYA fields at a given age group?
20. How many kids are on each Travel team?
21. How are kids notified as to who has been selected for the Travel teams?
22. Some kids who tried out for Travel basketball have been notified but my child has not. What should I do?
23. My child tried out for Travel basketball but was not selected. What happens now?
24. When and where are Travel practices held?
25. Where and when are the Travel games held?
26. Is there a minimum playing time rule for Travel basketball?
27. How can I find out where my child’s games are being held and when?
28. How can I check on game scores and standings?
29. My child’s coach says he/she needs volunteers to serve as a building director. What is a building director and how do I become one?
30. If I have questions about my child’s team or the Travel program, whom can I ask?

Hoops Plus Facility (Sterling VA)

Facility Address: 45496 Ruritan Circle, Sterling, VA 20164
Facility Phone: 703.430.8489                    Facility Website:

Coming from South of Sterling, VA

  1. Take Route 28 North in direction of Dulles Airport
  2. Stay on Route 28 North and cross over Dulles Toll Road in direction of Sterling
  3. Take 625 E/Church Road exit
  4. Go through the Atlantic Blvd / Davis Drive traffic light
  5. Take immediate next left at Ruritan Circle
  6. Follow winding road till you see signs “Indiana Floors” / Road Work Ahead sign
  7. Turn right at this sign (white church will be on left side of street), go down the road to bottom of hill
  8. Look left towards standalone red brick building #45496 (Hoops Plus facility)

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