Becoming a CYA Community Partner is Simple!

1)  Send a note to John Herrity and let him know your company will be participating (John@MyClipit.com).  John will work with you to develop a marketing piece that will be added to the CYA Page and the CYA Weekly Buzz.  This is your coupon that will encourage folks to buy your product or use your service.

2)  John will send you a marketing agreement to officially add your company to the CYA Community Partnership Program. A discounted rate is being offered to all CYA Community Partners… You pay only $300 for the first 6 months. You will send your check directly to John with the signed agreement.  Pay a year up front and save even more.

3)  Your business needs to establish a "donation" that will be provided to CYA based on revenue generated by the marketing coupon.  This can be a percentage of sales, an established amount per item sold, etc...  All donation offers must be approved by the CYA Executive Director prior to adding your business to the Community Partnership Program.  (Mark Abbott at ExecDirector@ChantillyYouth.org)

4)  On the First of each month, your company will provide a marketing analysis back to CYA with the donaton check made payable to CYA.

It’s That EASY!

Modell's Sporting Goods
Britto Orthodontics