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Why Do We Need to Fundraise??

CYA is blessed with a forward thinking, innovative Board of Directors.  The same holds true with the CYA Sport Coordinators.  Together, this hard working group of people are always looking for opportunities to support youth sports and activities.  Of course, simply supporting opportunities is not enough - money is the key to providing state of the art facilities, Equipment and Training.

Creating opportunities started a long time ago when CYA maintained several "private" fields in Western Fairfax County such as the old Washington Post site (now Long & Foster), EDS, Barnesfield Road and Chantilly Park.  As the year’s went on, these properties were purchased and either improved through park bonds or developed.  CYA, along with help from the Park Authority and FCPS, has participated in raising funds and building several artificial turf facilities like Word of Grace Athletic Complex (WoG), Poplar Tree Park and Greenbrier Park.  Most recently, CYA has provided over $500,000 to Westfield High School and Chantilly High School to help with the development of their Artificial Turf Fields.  These facilities are State of the Art and all of our athletes are afforded the opportunity to play on them during various times of the year - and of course the kids in our program who attend these schools.

Recently, CYA Partnered with St. Veronica’s Church on Centreville Road and completed the "sports complex" there consisting of a 60’ baseball diamond and a mid sized bermuda grass field.  We are very proud of this site and what a terrific facility for the children who attend the school at St. Veronica’s to have during the day!

We are in desperate need of additional indoor gym space and the development of an indoor facility is among several priorities the CYA BoD has moving forward.  Additionally, the desire for more artificial turf fields remains a key goal in making sure all of our kids have the ability to play without regard to rain soaked fields - especially the spring programs!

All of the High Schools we support should have an artificial turf field so there are a couple more to build!

All told, without the generous help we have received over the years by the community, we wouldn’t be able to create programs that would house over 13,000 annual CYA Participants!  Now it’s time to up the ante and establish a real, working partnership with the Chantilly/Centreville/Herndon communities.  By partnering with CYA, local business’s can take advantage of the strong brand that is CYA - how often do we run into folks in the Chantilly area who HAVEN’T been involved in some way with CYA?  NOT OFTEN!

So reach out to us and let’s move forward together!  To explore marketing options within the CYA Community, please contact Mark Abbott (CYA Executive Director) at ExecDirector@ChantillyYouth.org

Let’s make a difference in our community together!


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