Marketing Partnership Plan

CYA Member Families consist of business owners all over Fairfax County who are always looking for cost effective ways to maximize their marketing dollars.  CYA has a database of nearly 10,000 families and the ability to send promotional emails to every one of them with the click of a mouse.  We are pretty confident 10,000 emails marketing your business as a preferred CYA Partner could be an extremely cost effective way to work on your own brand while supporting the needs of CYA.

Introducing the CYA Community Partnership Program! 


The CYA Community Partnership Program

The concept is simple... CYA will develop and market your business to our membership and in return, your company will donate an established amount of money back to CYA based on revenue we help generate. 

CYA has partnered with MyClipIt.com to provide the marketing platform that all of our Community Partners will share.  For a minimal monthly fee of $50, your business will be listed on the CYA Page of MyClipit (www.myclipit.com/cya) and your logo will be present on our weekly membership newsletter called the CYA Weekly Buzz. 

Additionally, we feature one of our Community Partners every week in the Buzz and this makes for one heck of a cost effective way to promote your company!


Your business/company will then track all CYA "customers" and provide a marketing allowance back to CYA on an agreed upon timeframe.  There are no standard offers that qualify a business to participate but each offer is discussed and negotiated to ensure that the details are consistant with the concept of a "win/win" for both CYA and the community supporters.

To discuss all of the details regarding how YOUR company can not only take advantage of this exciting marketing program but also assist in the extensive fundraising needs for CYA, please contact the CYA Executive Director, Mark Abbott at ExecDirector@ChantillyYouth.org


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Britto Orthodontics