The Economic Reality

Times are tough for many of our families.  The stories of job loss or reduced income levels permeate our sports and CYA Administrators are working harder than ever to figure out ways to reduce costs.  The tricky part here is that many of our long standing "over achieving" volunteers are cutting back the time they provide to the community in lieu of increased work schedules.  Less revenue and reduced volunteer hours among all sports have made us keenly aware of the need for a comprehensive fundraising program. 

The term "Fundraising" conjures up memories of kids going door to door with a box of candy bars to sell or frantically washing cars on weekends and hoping for nice weather!  While these idea’s are still valid ways of raising needed funds, we are focused on ways that are not nearly as labor intensive and provide for a larger "Community Based" opportunity.  


Modell's Sporting Goods
Britto Orthodontics