The CYA Brand
Since 1971!

 CYA has been the cornerstone of the Chantilly Community for over 40 years!  Offerring 12 sports with over 13,000 annual participants, it’s likely every home in the greater Chantilly region has something in it bearing the CYA Logo.  From that drawer full of old CYA Uniforms to the Purple panneled basketballs roaming our neighborhoods seemingly on their own looking for kids to play, the CYA "Purple" is everywhere!  Just try wearing a Purple T-Shirt to any youth sporting event in Northern Virginia and see if anyone has any doubt as to where you are from.

Like any valuable brand, CYA’s brand is synonomous with quality.  The organizations we align ourselves with understand the commitment to excellence that we hold dear and that mandate further enhances the quality of our brand.  Thousands of folks volunteer numerous hours every year to our youth sports programs and their commitment to our community add’s immense recognition to the CYA Brand every day!



Modell's Sporting Goods
Britto Orthodontics