CYA Community Partnership Program

Rather than say "WE NEED YOUR HELP", now we can say "Let’s Help Each Other!"

CYA’s Community Partnership Program has evolved over the past year and we hope to make great strides in 2013.  Supporting local business’s by increasing traffic in turn increases revenue - and that makes it possible for the business’s to donate money to CYA.  It’s a simple concept that creates community growth in all phases!

CYA has built the Community Partnership Program by acquiring the help of MyClipit.com.  MyClipit.com helps in organizing the marketing pieces of our Community Partners and keeps the advertisements "Fresh".  More importantly, the ad’s placed by our partners reach a vastly greater audience and that in turn builds sales!  www.myclipit.com/cya.

Please take a minute to go through the CYA Community Partnership Program described on the left side of this screen.  We are confident you will find this to be a terrific opportunity to market your business as well as to support the programs in CYA.  If you have any questions, please contact Mark Abbott - ExecDirector@ChantillyYouth.org

Of course, if you simply want to Donate to CYA, we will shower you with accolades and Thank You’s!

We look forward to working with you! 


MyClipIt.com is the CYA Community Partnership Coordinator!

CYA is excited to present MyClipIt to our Membership! 

MyClipit.com is a local business development company started by longtime CYA Members John Herrity and Eric Simons.   MyClipit has created a CYA "Page" that will combine all of the CYA Community Partners and present them to our membership.  CYA Members are encouraged to review all of the companies who are participating in the CYA Community Partnership Program and "BUY CYA"!  All of the companies you find on the CYA MyClipit page are donating money back to CYA based on the revenue we help generate.

Tell your family, friends and neighbors to "BUY CYA" by visiting www.myclipit.com/cya

 This is also a terrific opportunity for local business’s to get involved with a marketing program that will gain notoriety area wide!  As we add partners and generate interest in the program, more folks will visit the CYA Page which is good for all of our parnters.  MyClipit.com offers CYA Members a "CYA Rate" to participate in their marketing program.  Your business needs to be a CYA Partner on MyClipit.com ASAP! 

More Details:

CYA’s Community Partnership Program Coordinator is MyClipit.com!
Myclipit.com is a local consumer savings website created by John Herrity and Eric Simons.  We are grateful to the effort John and Eric have put in to supporting CYA through MyClipit.com.  They’re making it simple for you to save at businesses that support CYA and other businesses throughout the area. Take a moment to check out myclipit.com and your CYA Supporter page at www.myclipit.com/cya
Support CYA while you save money!
Your support of the businesses that contribute to CYA is vital to improving and growing the Community Partnership Program.  The model is simple - the more offers we can add to the site will create more interest and that will create sales... And THAT will create donations back to CYA.  CYA Wins, Local Business's Win and our Members Win!   
So what is myclipit.com all about?
It’s about supporting Main Street type businesses and making it Simple to Save for consumers... Find and print a coupon you like then redeem it at the business for savings! No need to buy the coupon online - you simply print for free. In fact, the use of their entire website is absolutely free for consumers.
In addition to great savings at local businesses, the myclipit.com web site offers:
- Grocery manufacturer coupons (powered by coupons.com)
- The Community Bulletin Board (free for non-profits, schools, churches and to announce charitable events)
- The 50% Off or Better Savings page…this makes it really simple to save big
- Exclusive to myclipit.com... ServiceLink; A place to find qualified contractors for home improvements
- And they’re growing and expanding what they offer all the time
When you support myclipit.com and businesses that support CYA on their website, you help support our organization. Please take a moment to visit your CYA Supporter page at www.myclipit.com/cya and then check back often. We will be adding more businesses as we can. If you know of a business that should be on myclipit.com as a CYA supporter, please let us know via email at ExecDirector@ChantillyYouth.org

Modell's Sporting Goods
Britto Orthodontics